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The Letter "H" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The thirty-fourth issue of Weekend Roundup for this year, 2020...
- the Letter "H" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "H";
(B) "Heavy" (Tom's Choice);
(C) A Favorite; and
(D) Reflections.
_ _ _ _

(A) Starts with the Letter "H":  Heart starts with "H".  This is my "Lite" daily breakfast, one half of a package of two Honey and Oats granola bars.  Mrs. Jim has the other Half for hers. 

The Saltine cracker oeanut butter filling is a midmorning snack that I eat as a stomach cushion for my midmorning pills, nine every other day, ten the other. Definitely not a Hearty Breakfast and Snack but they are Healthy.

(B) "Heavy" (Tom's Choice):  Heavy, that would be a Hearty Breakfast.  Some days at midmorning Mrs. Jim makes me pancakes and an egg, with my added sausage patty or link which I believe would be hearty.  Ot an egg sandwich on toast with ham and cheese and ketchup.   

I can make my own sandwiches, Mrs. Jim will get one also.  I cook my egg in the microwave for 50 or 60 seconds at 70% power.

(C) A FavoriteHow about a Sausage  and cheese Kolache.  That would Lighter, not being as Heavy as above. 

Eating.  They come warm from the bakery and we reheat them for eating leftovers on subsequent days.  I cut mine open leaving the sausage all laying in one half, the other I fill with jam.  Strawberry preserves today.  
[BTW when I retired from the college, 22 years there, part of my going away present was a dozen of these rulers.  Now after 19 years I still have two, this green and the other is orange.  Don't envy me too much, I worked long and ?? hard.  Three years at the Lincoln, Nebraska, Elgin Watch Factory, five years in the U.S. Army, and seventeen as a Ford Aerospace Engineer.] 

We generally have one Kolache per serving although we buy them BOGO using the coupons at the right.  Buy three, get three free.  The coupons are on the back of our grocery receipts from the Kroger and H.E.B. stores.  

We have three Kolache Factory stores within 4.1 miles, the one down the street from us is 1.1 miles.

They will do 'Dine in' again when COVID-19 comes to an end.  Before that mostly I would come in and walk out.  We can still do that but instead as I have become shy, I use the 'Drive through.'
[click on picture for larger Moscow view]

(D) Reflections: This is an overlook of the part of Moscow that we could see from the Winter Olympics (remnants) parking lot.  This was before we set sail on our Viking River Cruise from Moscow over to St. Petersburg.  It was previously posted with a summary post of our cruise. ( Be my guest, )

"We had a nice three days in Moscow, mostly on different tours although we did take advantage of one day's free time where we visited the Kremlin, Department Store, and other touristy places. Each night we returned to the ship which meant a nice breakfast and evening meal.  Also we only had to unpack our suitcase once, at the ship."

Another Russia cruise goodie, Day 1,
_ _ _ _

Bonus Quiz:

1.  Tell us a little about your morning eating. I've told you most every thing above.  We do sometimes use our receipt survey coupon for two, BOGO, Egg MvMuffins from McD's.

2.  How close are you to some fast food?  At the 1.1 mile corner we have a McDonald's, two pizza plates,  a CVS drug store, and a donut bakery.  Also an Urgent Care, a child care, and two workout centers.
_ _ _ _

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