Friday, January 01, 2021

Letter "A" -- Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The first issue this week of my 2021 WEEKEND ROUNDUP postings and ... (THE FIRST LETTER FOR THIS SERIES) - the Letter "A" Prompts are: (A) Starts with the Letter "A"; (B) "'A' Happy New Year" (Tom's Choice); (C) A Favorite; (D) Reflections; and (E) A Lagniappe. 

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(A)  Starts with "A":  Airplane.   This Paper Airplane was my first cruise ship paper airplane  contest winner.  My planes fly straighter than the pointy nosed ones so I can make it land where I intend.  A small stage two floors down was our target, this one landed right in the middle, under the piano sitting there.  

I like to win contests, especially on cruise ships where I have an audience.  I've won or placed in a lot of paper airplane flying ones.  I also have a medal from the Queen Mary II as champion golf putter of our cruise.  

(B) New Year" (Tom's Choice):  Nutcracker soldiers left over from Christmas decorations.  We did not set many out this year.  A few of them we gave to our youngest daughter but most have gone into retirement in our upstairs "secret room." 

Note that the stockings have been taken down.  These are Mrs. Jim's favorites Birthday cards for the day, sitting on our Bombay chest along with her New Year's Eve hat and toy noise makers.

(C.1) A Favorite:  My latest Grandkid photo, a  
picture of our youngest granddaughter and a great-grandson who is part owner of this nice backyard slide. 
[Click on most any photo for a larger view.  Most if you click again will get a supersize.

(C.2)   Another favoriteBirthday Girl!!!   My favorite buddy, Mrs. Jim, is another year older this Sunny January 1st.   She doesn't look older.  

(D) Reflections:   A bright full moon shot of our backyard view with its reflection in the pool.  At right is this morning's look.    

(E) A Lagniappe:  Never a trucker's favorite way to spend New Year's Eve, on the road held up in a snow storm.

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Bonus Questions:

(1) How did you spend, or celebrate, New Year's Eve?  Did it meet your expectations?"  
 Yes, of course.    We always watch the NYC Ball drop and sometimes stay up until our midnight to come an hour later.  We did that last night but this pre-teen had to come home a little before either times.   

Note that one foot is resting on her hover board.  Earlier we had danced with her riding on she board.  An impromptu dance but she also composes dances.  Her teachers and us, we are proud of her.  We will see her for afternoon dinner soon again, she, our daughter, and SIL will bring it here and we will celebrate that with them.

(2)  What is your favorite Word starting with an  "A"?   Mrs. Jim said hers was "Angel".  This one she bought from James Avery at his Jewelry Factory jewelry store outside Fredericksburg, Texas, for a cancer-dying friend.  The friend loved it and had it on her dresser overlooking her hospital bed for two week's before she died.  Now it is with our year-round Nativity display. 

(3) Anything else here you would like to tell about?   
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