Friday, April 02, 2021

Letter "N" -- Weekend Roundup and Street/Reflections

THE FOURTEENTH LETTER FOR THIS SERIES)  - the Letter "N" Prompts are: (A) Starts with the Letter "N"; (B) "Near" (Tom's Choice); (C) A Favorite; (D) Street/Reflections; and (E) A Lagniappe.  

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(A) Starts with the Letter "N":  National Poetry Month starts with "N".  Many of the writers are writing one poem every day in April for what is called, "NaPoWriMo".  Since 2015 I have been writing poems especially for the Month of April.   You can too and post it on their site if you'd like, for Day One click here.   

For all of Jim's NaPoWriMo 2021 post click

Yesterday in the mail the Academy of American Poets sent me a nice poster and my nice wife is allowing it to taped to 'her' pantry door of the kitchen.  You can read a new poem every day of the year at their site,  Better yet, get on their mailing list and you can get it every day in eMail.

(B) "Near" (Tom's Choice):   "Near to being Healthy
Sunday, March 28 was National Eat Something on a Stick Day.  My evening supper lunch was two corn dogs, cottage cheese on lettuce, an Apple, and some ' 
apple juice'.

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(C) A FavoriteNever in my life before marrying Mrs. Jim did I eat cold cereal as an evening meal.  But now I like eating it quite ofte hu 7n.  It does help with my weight management plan.  This bowl has raison bran flakes, Cheerios, granola, and Kroger Brand (imitation Fruit Loops) topped with half a banana cut up. 

(D) Street/Reflections:   School Crossing

(E) A Lagniappe:
In my cardiologist's waiting room.

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Bonus Questions: 
(1)  Tell about any dealings you have had with a Cold Cereal  When I was growing up my favorite cereal was "Pep" because it had wood or paper war planes.   Pep was similar to our modern Special K but stopped production in the late 1970's. 
See, . 

(2) What is your favorite Word starting with "N"?  Mine today will be  "Nail", because I am very good with a hammer and very seldom bent the Nail.  I dont remember ever hitting my thumb with the hammer while I was starting the Nail into the wood. 

(3) Anything else you were reminded of here that you would like to tell about? 

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For all of Jim's NaPoWriMo 2021 post click

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