Friday, September 30, 2022

Letter "M" -- Friday's Weekend Roundup 09 / Reflections and-or Street/Candid Captures

  - Tom's This "Week's Prompts, Starts with "M." A Favorite. - "M"ighty.

 - James' wishes for our Reflections and/or Street Photos/Candid Captures
 _ _ _ _ 

M&M Candy Coated Apples at Kroger Grocery here for Trick or Treat Halloween 

Starts with "M":   M&M candies start with "M".

Monster Man is inside this Halloween Monster Dinosaur- 
 I'm thinking the monsters head is in the neck area.  Your opinion?

KP and Mrs. Jim 
on the Today Show
A Favorite:   Monster Man working and driving parts wer inside this Monster guy on the Today Show (ABC TV Network). 

So were Mrs. Jim and KP on another day, I caught them with my camera of a saved 'replay' from our TV.   They enjoyed and were enjoying others.  Their words were "We're from Houston!!"

Tom's choice, "Mighty":   Mighty is the BIG Mac.  This week they are BOGO for $1.00 more for these sandwiches.  

I can't eat seeds so I discard the top layer bread, lucky there are three.  I can't taste many foods, so not the Big Mac sauce either.  But I fortified it with ketchup. Lastly I can't bite so I cut off bites of the single layers for my fork. 

A bit smaller is the MacDouble.  We get that one a lot.  They started on the Dollar Menu but now are almost two dollars. 
_ _ _ _ 

...MANY M&Ms sureb give you a sugar buzz.
...I haven't had a BigMAC in years.
Thanks Jim for stopping buy.
I remember people making toffee apples when I was little, I never got into them, the opposing tastes of the toffee and apple didn't go so well with my tastebuds, they dont' seem be around much now.
People would eat more of those apples.

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