Sunday, December 11, 2005


Amber belongs to Karen, Jr.#5. She is getting ready for a nap in this photo.

Amber is a mature cat who belonged to another lady where Karen, Jr.#5 worked. It turned out this lady could not care for Amber anymore and was looking for a new home for her.

Karen, Jr.#5 and Amber fell in love with each other right away and the adoption was made final. Amber is not young and has a very calm and loving disposition. She loves to climb and jump up on things. You might find her on the refrigerator or the table just as well as on the couch.

Amber's favorite place in the afternoon is on the TV room west window sill. She just loves, I think all cats do, to sleep in the sunshine. We have not done any babysitting for Amber but Karen, Jr.#5 always wants Adi when we leave. Adi and Amber are good buddies. I might find a picture of them together one of these days.

By the way Adi likes to stay with all the kids except Jr.#3. She probably would like that too but the offer to keep her has never been made. In fact the other four argue to keep her and try to make sure Adi gets equal booking for all. Jr.#1 and #4 have both cats and dogs so Adi gets to play a lot. Jr.#2 has never had a pet of his own at his own place, but both he and Mrs.Jr.#2 like to have Adi.

Maybe Karen, Jr.#5 will post about Amber as I have run out of things to say about her.

I've read a study on the beheading deal. Something about the man agreed to keep blinking his eyes as long as he could. He did. Have you seen that?
Cliff, you got it.

From the book review cited below, "Would a guillotined head feel itself hit the ground? This grisly question is more answerable than one might think.
"In France in the days of the blade, some of the condemned were asked to blink their eyes to show continued consciousness after decapitation, and a few heads blinked for up to 30 seconds."

This answer is from a book on my Christmas list, Can a Guy Get Pregnant?, Pi Press ($13.95). A review is at the Houston Chronicle archives.Houston Chronicle archives.
If I were to get this book I probably wouldn't read it. I have other trivia books that I haven't read. SO WHY IS IT ON MY LIST? I just now took it off.
Thinking of anything or anyone being beheaded makes me ill.
As far as the blinking eyes go for a beheaded head, I read that it is an involuntary reflexive action for a severred nerve tied to a muscle (that triggers it to action), not some voluntary reaction by some still living being. I guess the real truth is that one will never know with 100% certainty.

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