Friday, December 23, 2005

Another Sun Shiny Day

Not quite as pretty this morning as yesterday's morning, but it will do just fine. Yesterday a little earlier than this, about 8:45, the fog dissappeared. Ok. But yesterday we saw the fog's last few minutes of life being illuminating by the sun in a different way. It seemed we were there, not viewing it from a distance, but sitting inside a bright cloud with the whole world shining bightly from this light.

A busy day today. Getting the house and food ready for Christmas.

My jobs:
1. Stay out of Mrs. Jim's way.
2. Help Mrs. Jim where I can. Already this morning I have beaten four eggs, opened the vanilla bottle, measured a cup of pecans and oohed and awed about a place she had found to visit, far away.
3. Vacuum the house. When I do this I also dust a little. Ever since Mrs. Jim had her carpal wrist syndrome and its surgery vacuuming has been best done by me. That has been my job for over a couple of years. She did it a couple of times last fall when I was on crutches for three months and again when I had my knee surgery this September. I would rather do it though.
4. Wash Adi so she can travel to Katy with us after church Sunday. GC#4 loves Adi so much.

Mrs. Jim's jobs:
1. Make five pecan pies. Three are to be given away. One to a lady in our subdivision whose mother died last week. She lived in Nebraska after she married.
2. Tie a bow on the large clump of mistletoe I found the other day with Adi on our walk. Then hang it. I will help there some. It has been used just a little already.
3. Put up our Nativity scene. This will stay out until after New Years Day. The manger, Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and a camel stay in the bookcase all year. We got the set at a store in Bethlehem in 1980. Supposedly handcarved and made from olive tree wood.
4. Wrap some presents.
5. A lot more I'm sure.

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve:
1.Go to Conroe to help Mrs.Jim's mother with her bath. I will vacuum her apartment then. Also read the paper and drink coffee.
2. Around eleven, get Christmas dinners from Krogers and deliver them. Our Sunday school class is buying about ten of these for people who wouldn't have a nice dinner otherwise. Our offering for that was $400.
3. 4:30, go to Christmas Eve service at church. We will take Mother there.

All for now. Jim

Sounds like a nice couple of days. I'm sure the people will enjoy the dinners.
Have a great Christmas..
looks like Mrs. Jim is slacking, you have to vacuum and dust?

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