Friday, December 09, 2005

Bachelor for a Week - Day Seven

Well, this is the Day. She's coming home! She's coming home! And I sure am feeling better. Yesterday was sort of dismal like the first good Friday. But I should know most always an Easter will follow. I'm not convinced yesterday was 'Good Thursday' for me, but today sure is better.

Adi and I are ready. She can't come to the airport this time because we don't have real good plans to meet. I know Terminal E (Houston) and she knows where we usually pick people up and it ought to work. It takes 45 minutes to get there unless there is a wreck or new construction. I have the cell phone-we just have one-so she can call me if I'm not where she thinks I should be.

Oh well. This post will be an edited copy of answers to questions my sister asked earlier in the morning. They apply to this day, or most do.

Thanks for checking on me. Bud King was in the class before me and we took typing together. He was a senior then. Does this help my new friend place me in time?

Mrs. Jim's flight has been delayed a half hour on take off and they estimate it will be an hour and two minutes late arriving. We are going to our Sunday School class party tonight, it starts at 6:30. We will be a little late unless the plane catches up. Not too late because it is at a couple's house, and they live in our subdivision.

My last bachelor meal was a liverwurst and Swiss sandwich on rye with pickles, lettuce, and mustard. Diet Coke and a few chips. Yummy. I might eat an orange with my afternoon medicine Breakfast was my usual granola bar half. I have been so busy and got up so late that I missed my mid morning snack and medicine. I did eat lunch a half hour early.

I have a lot to do yet but the hour delay will help me catch. And a lady, the events and activities scheduler, is coming by to pick up a check to pay the people who are making some more scarves for the dogs. So she will pay the bill I missed Tuesday when I missed going to the Montgomery Bank.

We might come up to see your pretty snow. It would be in January or later when you have all Dad's tax things. We might even ski Mount Crescent while we are there. I could bring my sled but would have to make room on the return trip for the car bumpers you are storing for me. (I won't be needing them until Spring at least. Hint, Hint.)

I'm glad you are liking your new McDonalds. The owner is called the 'franchise' if he bought a franchise. McDonalds is the 'franchise.' Unless it remains a company store which probably isn't the case for that location. If it was company owned he would be the 'operator.'

I'm hectic today and it is a good thing we aren't golfing. I have been on the phone trying to firm up our travel dates and flights for Sicily too. The final payment is due the 12th and I wanted to know my options before paying. Turns out I don't have many options. I'm glad we planned good earlier.

My honey 'dues' are done except for one major item. Rule number two or so in married life for me is to have a presentable house when the Mrs. comes home from her travels. I didn't vacuum or clean a couple of spots on the carpet.

I have put away a wash she did for me. I organize and arrange a little. Socks don't go into the sock drawer because the ones I wear might get mixed up with the ones I don't wear and should throw away.

My clean underwear doesn't rotate. I just bunched up all the ones that were still in the drawer and put them up front. Some I don't wear but I can sort around them when I need underwear. The newly washed ones go to the back. I would call that 'turning,' like a mulch pile must be turned. Not rotated though. Tee shirts I just put the fresh ones on top in the front. Maybe someone has a name for that process?

Oh yes, Adi slept with me all night too. Jim

I previewed this post but was a fairly big hurry. Two typos I spotted right away:
1. Good Friday, not good Friday
2. Franchisee is what the McDonalds owner is called. I had put franchise, leaving off the last 'e.' Of course 'franchise' is the contract and not a person.
Sorry 'bout that, Jim
Dad, you sound like me! I keep my socks that I always wear out versus the ones that I only wear maybe weekly at the most!

Jim Jr. #5, Karen

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