Friday, December 09, 2005

Bachelor for a Week - Day Six

About the only reason I'm writing today is to make an entry for Day Six. It was a pretty dreary day. The sun only came out for about 15 minutes. One good thing to look forward to is Mrs. Jim's coming home tomorrow.

I had to cancel our tee time for tomorrow as it will be colder than we care to endure on a golf course for fun. Then I covered a couple of ferns which are cold sensitive. And I didn't get finished cleaning up all my bachelor messes either.

Also had to shut off the sprinkler and drain the check valve. We have lost two because of freezing in the six years we've been here. The sprinkler tech showed me how to drain it, I had just been shutting if off. He also suggested I wrap it which did also. There are four outside faucets that I updated the wrapping also. It should get down to mid 20s F tonight. That probably wouldn't break an outside pipe. This freeze will last about 12 -14 hours and I did not want to take chances.

I did get away for a bit to visit a friend who is dying of lung cancer. He was in pretty spirits today but his wife says his not eating is a sign his last days are very near. He doesn't want to be kept alive by machines and tubes.

Adi and I went for a walk to get the mail after we wrapped the pipes. I dressed warmly with even a stocking cap. But we had to come back because I forgot to take the mailbox key. When we got back to the box, Adi wanted to go around the corner so we did that before we got mail. When we got back to the mail box the key was missing again. It had dropped when I answered the cell phone, way around the corner. But it was Jr. #3 calling with her bad news so I was glad we had the phone.

I talked with Jr. #4 today and his divorce may be final tomorrow. This has dragged on for over a year and they have been separated for almost three years.

Then Jr. #3 called me to say her husband is in the hospital for a [six, but I don't know the name for that] bypass. At first it was going to be tomorrow but then their son convinced them to have it done in St. Lukes. So they will leave the local one and have the bypass Monday. I go to St. Lukes and I think it is a much better place for heart work.

The computer picked up a bug too that affected MS Explorer. I used Norton GoBack and I think the bug got lost doing that.

A little cheerful is the thought of making my Christmas list. But so far it is an idea only and is helpful like looking at drifting feathers would be helpful in cheering me up.

There are two problems with making the list. First is that I didn't have time. I have started, at the low end is a book for around $16.95 and the high end is a BMW delivered at the factory in Munich. It would be a convertible and would be too expensive for my budget. I might do like I did cable TV and let the kids pay for it. That would even the burden and it wouldn't be over $9000 each if I got the less expensive one.

The second problem with making the list, and with the chipping part in too, is that we decided not to exchange presents this year. Instead we will give the $money we would have spent to a needy family. Mrs. Jim will probably get ME something but not a car.

So if I didn't feel I owe a Day Six I wouldn't have written. There really wasn't anything good to write. About all I did was dump on people that haven't been around here today. It doesn't help me one bit to tell Adi things and she was the only one here.

Day Seven will have a happy ending! :>) - Jim

I'm glad Mrs. Jim will be home tomorrow. Sounds like you did the right thing by taking care of the pipes! Better safe than sorry.

You had plenty to say and it was all interesting!

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