Monday, December 05, 2005

Bachelor for a Week – Yesterday For the Last Time?

Sunday things. I didn't get recorded so I will do that today, Monday. It won't be short.

Mrs. Jim and Jim Jr. #5 are in London. Today [Monday] they don't need to get up early; it is 1:30 AM here but is already 7:30 there. I don't know what they will do today. Yesterday they walked all around.

Jr. #5 had wanted to go to Hyde Park when the stump speakers were active. Yes, there were a lot of them. Neither of them would speak. I have been in the area several times but no one ever was carrying on. The speaker is supposed to carry a stool to stand on. A lot carried a wooden box. It was convenient to carry their prepared speech, a lunch, raincoat, etc.

HENCE THE SAYING, “GET ON YOUR SOAP BOX.” Nowadays some of the speakers are really serious about their topic, while others just want to say they have done it, even if there aren’t any listeners. Sort of like this blog. Hint, hint: please don’t give up on me. And I hope to give a speech there next time I go.

The reason I’m not sleeping is that I just don’t sleep well when Mrs. Jim is gone. My sister says I’m afraid of the dark and the Boogie Man. We joke about that and I’m not, but I always leave several night-lights on for safety.

I could tell yesterday that things were different. It still took me an hour to get ready for church. I take medicine, make coffee, let the dog out and back in, shower, get coffee and my ½ granola bar for breakfast, shave etc, drink coffee while dressing, get my things to take, get coffee to drive with, get the paper out of the driveway, and go.

That part wasn’t very much different. Of course there wasn’t the usual trading rebuttals on who was making us late. The big difference was that I listened to the radio on the way. Normally I [the driver] turn it way down so we can talk. There was the nicest program of Christmas music for a long way. When it turned to talk I found Linda Ronstadt doing “And I think I'm gonna love for a long long time.” Well the radio stayed on that station there until I got to Mother-in-law’s apartment.

Church was uneventful, I did teach my class. And made copies of the handout I made last late night. We at a double cheeseburger and I took her home. I was going to collapse, rest up and read the paper.

First I had to stop at the grocery store. We just don’t keep much men type food at home. I got some crab cakes, breaded shrimp [both could go in the oven], some pork rinds, green stuffed olives, liverwurst, and a Marie Callender’s Sweet & Sour Chicken Complete Dinner-frozen.

I asked the youngish checkout clerk, about 19 or 20, if my selection looked like bachelor food. She said, “Well, my Dad doesn’t eat like that.” So I continued on to tell her I was a bachelor for a week and asked her if I bought a motorcycle, would I be acting like a bachelor. She said yes, and would I buy her one. I then told her that if I did that Mrs. Jim would probably see to it that I was a bachelor for a long time. She laughed and forgot to give me my $20 change.

I got home, cooked two crab cakes and six shrimp. Also had some cheese and no fat soda crackers. I eat really well when Mrs. Jim is gone. Now I have read most of the paper, watched two favorite football teams loose, saw the Jeopardy program. I also ate two slices of toasted rye bread with low fat cream cheese for supper. Dr. Excitement, indeed.

Oh yes, I did loosen the controls on this blog for comments and learned how to put in a picture. I still can’t get a picture for my profile. I downloaded the BloggerBot Picture machine but it isn’t user friendly. I will have to read the ‘help’ instructions. They have diagrams of the screens I will be seeing and he settings to make.

So now I’m caught up. I will fill in on my golfing last Friday and maybe make a comment for today. The sun hasn’t come up yet. I might put the garbage out tonight so I can sleep in, eat some ice cream, take last nighttime medicine and go to bed. Jim
p.s. Blog will be shorter tomorrow or today or whenever. Jim

I like your menu. It reminded me to go out and get some man food for myself.
I forgot to mention two frozen pizzas. Jim
Hey, this looks good! Maybe I'll try to do never know. By the way, I love London, and all of England, would love to go back.
Hoorah, you are blogging now Mr. Excitement! Welcome! It's nice you are missing your wife. I'm sure she is missing you too. But being in London sounds pretty exciting!

I can post pictures but I still haven't figured out the profile thing. I tried it and got everything all messed up and finally managed to delete it. Been afraid to try again!

I like old cars too. A 1950 - oh, something older than me!

Good post! You keep writing and I'll keep reading!

Oh, hope you got some heatburn medicine to take with that food!!
My students decided I had a dry sense of humor, so Dr. or Mr. Excitement. It may not come through on the blog.
I put the Nebraska Husker 18-wheeler on my profile the easy way. Find a picture on another Web site and you can pick it right up, 1, 2, 3.
1. Go to the EDIT PROFILE page.
2. Under 'Photograph' type in or paste the http://www.______ address where your picture is in the 'Photo URL' blank.
3. Click SAVE PROFILE button at the bottom.
I would liked to have something from my own computer, but it won't work on the C:\Documents____.
That is why Blogger wants you to download a program, then you can uplink a photo to that program.

1. Try right clicking on a picture you have uplinked on a post.
2. Click 'properties' on the bottom.
3. Highlight and copy with 'ctl C' the 'Address URL' displayed (like in the middle of the popup that comes up.
4. Paste it in the 'Photo URL' blank on the EDIT PROFILE PAGE.

Do the URL copying before editing or you will have to have two of your blog pages up.
If the second procedure doesn't work let me know. I copied the Nebraska 18-wheeler picture from my son-in-law's (Jr. #5) photo site and haven't tried to copy from one of my posts.

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