Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bachelor for a Week – Yesterday

Well, Mrs. Jim left yesterday at 4:oo PM. Actually I dropped her off at terminal E of the Bush Intercontinental Airport at 2:50. It had been a hard weekend and it wouldn't be over for another 24 hours. Mrs. Jim had a preprinted boarding pass using She even would get a free headset for being so helpful. All she had to do was check her baggage in the kiosk, clear security and head for the Continental VIP Lounge.

Simple, but it wasn't so easy. I watched from the drop-off parking spot and she took forever. She said about 20 minutes later that she had needed some help. She could have done the check-in counter faster than fooling with the kiosk. Then she left the laptop at security. They had hassled her some and she was upset and just forgot to pick it up after putting her shoes back on. A few minutes later she was with Jim Jr. #5 at the lounge. Thank goodness we talked-good use for cell phones-and I asked if there was any trouble getting the laptop through. That's when she missed it.

After retrieving the laptop, she was on freewheeling. Our daughter, Jim Jr. # 5, was traveling business class, and together they were with the pampered flow of business class all the way to London Gatwick. There even was a limo to pick them up for the long ride into London and to their Hilton Paddington. Mrs. Jim and I never had a life quite that sheltered. It is all so the thinking wheels can turn for the wheels and they won't have to sweat so much small stuff while traveling.

I did hear a couple of times from Jim Jr. #5 via e-mail. All was fine, on schedule and everything. This morning they were free to tour London on their own. The flight was only 8hr 50 min, on time. Tomorrow will be more play. Jim Jr. #5 does have a business evening meeting supper at 7:45. It will be at the "Mandarin Kitchen" at 14-16 Queensway if that means something to somebody reading. When we traveled with the schools, our total daily lunch budget was $20. Oh well.

That was then. [Oh yes, this afternoon I found the AC 220 adaptor plugs for the laptop on the floor partially under the bed here. They had fallen off.] My situation was still going. I hit the toll way back to Conroe, Texas, to pick up my Mother-in-law. We had afternoon tickets for our church musical.

The musical was supposed to be extra special this year. It sounded good, but neither Mother-in-law nor I could understand the words to the songs. The orchestra was good, but we weren't recognizing the Christmas music. The celebrated Christian recorded star, Jaci Velasquez, had a beautiful voice, but we weren't understanding the words or recognizing the songs. Of course it was all contemporary music except for Silent Night and Felix Navidad and we aren't very contemporary!

Then home to take care of Adi, our resident tri-color beagle, make something to eat, get the mail, and study more for teaching a Sunday school lesson today. I don't sleep well when Mrs. Jim is gone, so when I finally went to bed at 1:00 PM, I couldn't sleep. Nothing would help, so I got up and made some handouts for the lesson. Of course Jim Jr. #5 and Mrs. Jim were already in London. I hope they got some sleep on the plane at was getting after 7 AM by then.

Enough. That's plenty of nothing but a log. At least it will serve as a diary for me. Next entry will either be today or yesterday morning. And not so long. Maybe more colorful.

Can you see why my beloved students and co-faculty called me Dr. Excitment!


I've been somehow locked out of not able to use the internet for 24 hours. Got up this morning ready to make some phone calls and it works. Cancel the calls. Most bloggers start off slow imagine my surprise to find this. Good work Dr Excitement. You may find Mike, who is listed on my links, as a good read. He is also from Texas.

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