Tuesday, December 20, 2005


That will be after the fire.

We got a message from my cousin in Tekamah.

In part, it read:

I did want you to know that your dad‘s old house here in town burned last night. We didn‘t know about it until this morning. The street was full of ice from all the water that was used. There is a shell standing but looks awfully black at the attic window as well as down below and a lot of the windows are out on both sides. Will be interesting to see what the fire marshal finds.

Note in the bottom picture you can see through from the front attic window and through the back one. We think the hole in the roof was made by the firefighters for access to the atic.

It is too bad, it was a nice home for Mom and Dad for their retirement years. It was built in the late 20s or early 30s for Bernice Tobin .

I didn't know about the fire Jim. Man this brings back memories. I spent a lot of hours in that basement, visiting with your Dad. It always struck me how clean and organized everything was. He showed me their pantry a couple of times and it always brought a smile to my face. Such organization is unfamiliar to the Morrow's.
Hi Karen -- yes, and she's a junior at The University of Texas. Does time fly for you like it does me? Dad
You can tell something is missing above. Somehow I zapped Jr.#5 Karen's original comment about the house and GC#2.
Karen, I'm sorry.
Isn't that bright red pretty!
That bright red is wonderful - as long as it is not beating my Baylor Bears!!!

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