Monday, December 12, 2005

A . . .
.M. . .
. .B. .
. . .E.
. . . .R
. . . . .
. . . . .
Hi, my name is Amber. I am a very pampered cat! I can't wait for 6 PM every night. That is when I get my Fancy Feast! I talk up a storm when it gets around that time(just to remind everyone that I am waiting)!


That cat is way too pampered! anyway Jim you forget that we had a little betta fish named Abraham... unfortunately Aby died and it was a very sad thing. Now we have a new betta. His name is Blue Azul Hov... and he's precious! believe it or not those little guys make great pets.We are in love with our little Blue.
I don't trust those beady eyes....
Hey Mrs. Jr.#2. It is good to hear from you! Mitch mentioned you have a really good intership this semester. I will be watching for you.
Yes, I'm sorry, there was Aby and now Blue Azul Hov. And yes, they do make nice pets. We had Goldie--she was Jr.#5's.
She was little, about an inch long and lived in a little fish bowl. Then we got her a larger table top tank and she grew to almost three inches.
I was told fish grow in size in proportion to the size container they live in.
I guess that could be why Emerald has not grown! Our blue beta is named Emerald. Go figure. Then again, that is the mind of an 8 year old!

Karen, Jr. #5
Amber is so pretty! She looks so content and happy.
Amber is a very nice cat. She is old, Karen, Jr.#5 would have to tell us how old.
And of course she is one of the nicest cats, after all she is my GrandCat.
Jim, thank you for adding me to your links! I added you to mine too. I've been meaning too, but hadn't got around to it yet! It's a good thing I did because I had forgotten how. Took a while but you are there!
Thanks Rachel. I really did want yours on but didn't know if I should. Thanks for having mine too.
My son-in-law, Billy, is trying to teach me blog etiquette.
He doesn't have a blog but he is an IT and IS whiz.

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