Saturday, December 24, 2005

"Cat's In The Cradle"
(Song by Cat Stevens)
Mike came last night. Mike is Jr.#1. He said I could use his name here.
Mike was playing golf Friday and has a tee time for today. He spent the night.
We had a good visit. He had a 'one over' yesterday and made a haul ($$).

So nice you had a good visit with Mike!
Yes, thank you, Rachel. That is what that song is all about, a father not having time for the son.
Then it continues to the next generation.
Quite a few times our kids have expressed thankfulness for the time (and troubles) I have spent for and with them.

This might also mean--a second meaning--that I will slow down until after some holidays. Gone to standby in lap terms.
This was in my mind until the song came to me. Then I saw the father thing.

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