Monday, December 26, 2005

A Different Kind of Christmas
this year

Well, it was different.
[the blog is different today too, an editorial of sorts]

Nobody came to our house to celebrate.
We didn't go to any of the kid's houses to celebrate.

We did go to church to celebrate.
No Sunday school, just church.
I kept hearing a lot of churches didn't even celebrate.
They were closed this Sunday,
Everybody wanted to stay at home to celebrate.
That's what they said.

Not enough people would come.
They must have churches for the throngs,
Cater to the trend, mega church or bust.
We had two services, not three.
That service was fairly full.

Two pre-teen girls came forward with their parents.
They had decided to follow Jesus and be baptized.
I'm glad for them they decided this way.
Of course they wouldn't have to done this on Christmas day.
They could have come another day.

A twenty plus young man also came.
He too could have come another day.
But we had church on Christmas day.
After all, who do Christians worship?
Jesus, of course.
What better way to worship,
To make public a decision to follow Him
On Christmas day.

These young folk could have done this at homes.
Or like the masses everyday,
Worship on the golf course.
But not on Christmas day?

Not church.
Not golf.
With their families, that's what they say.

Jim, we had a few big churches in Omaha stay closed on Christmas Day. I shall assume that Easter would be the next logical day off.
I'm glad to say we had a larger than normal crowd on Sunday morn.

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