Monday, December 19, 2005

The First Time
. .that I ever shot a pistol

It was at school. We were doing a play. You know the kind where the butler was the suspect but the mistress really killed the poor guy.

The gun we used was a real 22 pistol, a revolver. One night of production my friend, Donny, brought some bullets. When neither of us was in a scene for a while, we took the gun outside and shot at least a full cylinder into the air. I'm glad we didn't get caught but our punishment wouldn't have been to severe. "Zero Tolerance" hadn't been invented yet.

People seem to remember the first time for many things.

The first taco I ever ate was at the Red Rooster Drive In in El Paso. I didn't even know what a taco was until then. Mom didn't make us any on the farm and we didn't eat out that much. I was married and about 22 that night at the Red Rooster.

The first corn dog I ever ate was in San Francisco at a pier. It was a famous one but I have forgotten the name. My buddy said this pier was famous for corn dogs and I should try one. This was in 1964 and I was 31.

The first time I ever saw a Nebraska hemp weed with the seeds and tops cut off was near Lincoln, Nebraska, in the late 50s. I was riding a motorcycle along a ditch out southwest of town and couldn't figure out what was going on. We smoked some other weeds on the farm but never hemp. And to this day I haven't done that. That was also the first motorcycle that I had ever ridden come to think of it.

There are other firsts that come to mind but wouldn't be very interesting here. Some might be interesting but I wouldn't want them in print here. You probably have some firsts you remember too.

The second and last time I ever shot a pistol was with my bother-in-law at a Churchyard in North Louisiana. It was a nice little gun and I could plink tin cans on the posts without much trouble. That was the only other pistol I ever shot.

I have never shot a rifle or a shotgun. I probably will remember when I shoot my rifle for the first time.

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Jim, the first time I shot a gun was when I was probably just into high school. Dad had his shotgun out and asked me if I wanted to try shooting it. He told me to shoot a walnut out of a tree and to his surprise I did on the first shot. Probably just luck!!! Don't remember ever shooting any gun since that. About your blog on your Uncle Howard, Jack said he doesn't remember his dad ever yodeling. But then he told me he does when he is by himself. Forty five years of marriage and I'm just finding this out! You two will have to get together for a duet sometime.
Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you haven't given up on my yet. I know you said you had been reading the blog.
You might want to start one. It is a nice thing to be doing in the cold snowy winters. Cliff Morrow would help you a lot.
Jack can sing better than I can. Just get him to yodel for you. I have been asked to not sing, i.e. leave, in a church choir. My ear is bad. Before in another church I was in the choir and the men's chorus.
Another first remembered:
My most vivid recollection of Christmas dinner was the first one I can remember.
Grandpa told all us kids to get in the woodbox while the adults ate.
He did that on every Christmas while we came there.
Now our generation has the Grandparent role. I know we act strange to the little ones.
This is a great blog Jim, Brought back a lot of memories.

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