Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Fourth Day of Christmas


"Four Calling Birds"
by Johnny Karwan



We are going looking for the calling birds. We think they are in Galveston and that is where we are headed. Company from Louisiana and Alabama is still here.

In Galveston we hope to have seafood for lunch. After that?? We might ride the ferry. We might go to Moody Gardens. We might go the Air Museum. We might walk around the Strand and shop. Mrs. Jim’s mother has an artist in residence there; we will probably go to his shop if he still has it.

On the way back we want to tour Reliant Stadium, home our famous losing Houston Texans. Then we go to Karen and Billy’s for supper. Mrs. Jim is bringing a spiral ham and so other food to help.

After the meal or seven, whichever comes first, what next? The Alamo game with Nebraska/Michigan.


That should mean another night not getting home before midnight. It is 12:38 and we are going strong, though some are now in their P.J.s.

Will report later on what we actually did.

Well, the prognosticators don't give us much of a chance against Mich. but we didn't have a chance against Colorado either. We're going down to Dan's to watch the game on his sixty some inch flat panel.
The seafood restaurant sounds yummy! In fact it all sounds like fun no matter what you all decide to do! Enjoy!

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