Saturday, December 17, 2005

Golf and Girls

The golf was for me yesterday. It seemed to be the last day of fall because winter is surely here today. We had about an inch of rain last night and it stayed cold today.
At golf four of us were supposed to be playing. "C" and "B" and I started without "T." He showed up on the number four tee box after giving out his homemade Christmas presents to the starters and pros. "C" left on number five because he thought it was cold. "B" left after number eight also. "T" and I finished. He is a good golfer and didn't think being in the 50s was too cold.

The girls didn't think it was too cold to be having fun either. Mrs. Jim and GC#4 had an afternoon and evening out. She had fun trying to keep up with an active eight-year old.
They met at 2:30 and headed for The Houston Museum of Natural Science. Right away they got their tickets for the IMAX showing of Santa vs. The Snowman and headed for the giftshop to wait until the movie would start. They could have seen one of the special exhibits, Mummy: the inside story or Diana, A Celebration, or done in The Cockrell Butterfly Center instead. But giftshops are very appealing when Mimi has money.
GC#4 opted for a cutout set of British Royalty personalities. That was going to go good with the castle and village GC#4 was building back in Katy.
After the movie they went to the zoo. It was dark now, and the zoo was having a special light show with the animals. Not only that but they did the paddle boats, decorated cookies, visited Santa, rode the carousel, and visited the petting zoo. They even had a hot dog in between someplace.

I asked GC#4 in an e-mail what part she like the best. Her reply: "i thought the best part of doing that with mimi was making cookies with mrs. claus at the zoo and meeting santa claus."
It all lasted a long time and it was 10:30 before Mrs. Jim headed home from Katy.

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. Although we are Ford people we pull for Dale Jr. I used to be a big Bill Elliott fan, and when he retired, I had already been following Junior in Busch, so that's who we follow.
I used to have a '51 Ford convertible ~ it was my first car. Yellow with a black ragtop. Now I have a '97 purple Mustang.
I will visit your blog daily.
i am glad you got the message and it was lots of fun with mimi
50's would be a little cold for me to play golf - but then I don't play that game anyway. I see you were born in Burt County and have Cliff as a link on your site. Do you happen to know him?
Do we know each other?? Yes Ralph, we know each other. I knew his folks and uncles, much better than I knew Jim. Jim left the area before I became aware of much. Jim's Mom was my Sunday School Teacher back in the 50's. She kept teaching a long time. Was it 50 years Jim?
His entire family and ours have been intertwined for many years. Jim's Mom and Dad were leaders in our church for at least the first 45 years of my life until his health began to fail. I will blog about the Hovendicks soon. Don't wait for anything bad. There isn't anything bad.
No, not the ones in Tekamah. They stayed out of the newspaper. I did get my name in the paper one time back in the 50s for a loud exhaust.
That would be an honor for you to tell about my folks.
Some Hovendicks left town to be bad!

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