Tuesday, December 20, 2005


This week's Sunday school class had an interesting opening. Charlotte E. Geno came to read a couple of poems she had written. She has given my permission to reprint it here.


The holy days are coming
There’s so much I need to do.
Gifts to buy, a tree to trim,
Wrapping, bowing, and bagging too!

Gee, I am so busy
Burning candles at both ends.
Candy to make, parties each night,
And Christmas cards to send.

Holy days are coming,
Angels and wise men say,
“Glory to God in the highest!”
Please get out of my way!

I’ll get holy soon, Lord
As soon as my chores are done.
The kids will sing tonight at church
And, they have to have their fun.

A sugar plum and gum drops
Grace the Christmas tree,
Along with untold goodies
A feast for the eyes to see.

Somewhere in all the hub-bub
A holy day is near.
Am I ever glad,
O Lord,It comes just once a year.

I’ll get holy soon, Lord.
I promise You, I will.
Are you talking to me, Lord?
“Yes, my child, be still.”

copyright,Charlotte E. Geno 9/30/04

Charlotte said about the poem she read: "This is a state of mind I think we all know!"
Charlotte also has a Web site at the present where we/you can read some of her other poems and buy her book of poems. $13.00.
She is having a some problems with the site in that the developer has gone out of business and the current owner can't do updates. That is why her front page is 2003. She will change hosts soon when her contract is over.


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