Monday, December 05, 2005

I have been promising a picture of our dog, Adi. She is a purebred female tri-color beagle.
Adi was Jim Jr. #5's dog and when her new apartment did not allow beagles, Adi came to live with us. That is me, Jim, on the right, and Mrs. Jim on the left. All three of us had just passed our therapy dog examinations. Whew!
This is Montgomery Intermediate school, where all three of us would tutor sixth grade reading students. This year Adi and I visit folks in an assisted living home on Tuesday afternoons.
She is well liked there. We hear a lot of dog tales (worked to be a pun here) from these residents, mainly about dogs that had to stay at their former homes or were in their earlier lives.

Bachelor for a Week -- Day Three

I just got home from the Conroe Symphony Orchestra Christmas presentation (Monday night). We have had Symphony season tickets for the last several years. The conductor was at San Jacinto College when I came on the faculty. He left not long after to teach at Houston Baptist University. His step-son was in school with Jr. # 5 from K through 12th grade. Tonight was at the new Ark Family Church in Conroe. That facility is so nice, modern, and large. It must have several thousand seating capacity in the auditorium, maybe 1200 came tonight. They played Handel and Bach first, after intermission it was more popular Christmas music and hymns, ending with eight songs of Leroy Anderson. I missed Mrs. Jim even though I was with a variety of friends there.

Today I slept in. The garbage was out last night, but I did get up in time for Regis at nine. There were phone calls to make, and take, and bills to pay. I ran them in to the P.O. in Willis a little after four for mailing. Time gets away when you are retired, at least it does for me.

Mrs. Jim found an Internet-cafe in London today, so I heard from her. But she had to use her Yahoo account as she didn't have the URL for our local provider. I sent it so tomorrow she will catch up with her things. She will have a much more complete address book too.

Winter has arrived! Tonight will be near 32 F with a high in the mid 50s tomorrow. It will be a little warmer during the week, sometimes it may rain. Charlie W, my golfing buddy, said he wanted us to keep the tee times I had made for Wednesday and Friday. We agreed that we wouldn't play in the rain or if the course was wet and cart path only. My foot wouldn't take all that walking. I have a handicap (not really a pun) flag so that I can go up close to the greens and ride on the par three fairways, but that doesn't help when it is cart path only.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my dermatologist at The Woodlands. You may know about the Woodlands. It is a planned community started in the 1960s. It is five miles south of Conroe towards Houston on Interstate 45, and 20 miles from our home. It is bigger than Conroe now. I wish I could take you there to see the many restaurantss, the huge shopping mall, the perimeter stores, five golf courses, the several small neighborhood community commercial centers, and more.

Oh yes, I did better with the food today. Breakfast was coffee and half a granola bar, my usual. For lunch it was turkey and Swiss with lettuce, non-fat mayo, and pickles on rye bread. Also an orange and a Diet Coke. I was running later than I had planned so I did the two minute cook on a 'Three Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla' Lean Pockets sandwich and had it with a glass of water. Now I've had a graham cracker and a little more candy than I should. Adi and I will have a bedtime snack with medicine; Low Fat Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, mine will have chocolate shell.

Question for today: Vice President Dick Cheney and Jim have what in common, other than we both are Republicans?

That's all for today. I might finish reading the paper. Good night, Jim

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If that's you on the right,,you're looking better than when I remember last seeing you.
Do you and Cheney share the same birthday??
Thanks, Cliff. Close, but no cigar. You don't smoke so that's not real bad, but not right the right answer just the same. Close. Jim
p.s. Adi has had her nails trimmed a couple of tims in your salon. I think you were out working those times. Jim
Adi is a very pretty dog! Beagles have such a nice disposition so I can see her easily being a therapy dog! Great picture!

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