Saturday, December 10, 2005

It can't get much better than this

I was awakened this morning, Saturday, at 7:05. That doesn't sound good, but it was.

Mrs. Jim and Adi had brought me coffee and the paper and now both were sitting beside me on the bed.

Now she had gone to a luncheon, The Jingle Bell Brunch, with her fellow golfers. I get used to her going as she a very busy person, she:
golfs a couple of times a week-Tuesdays and Fridays-with the ladies and sometimes a third with me;
takes care of her 88 year old Mother who lives by herself in her appartment at Conroe, Texas-generally helping on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday;
is secretary for her garden club-sends out meeting notices, arranges for speakers, etc;
now is also "Gourmet Dining" chairperson for the Bentwater Ladies Organization;
plays the viola in our church orchestra every other Sunday-which means practice Wednesdays. Also she is the orchestra music librarian and copies music for the players, which takes four or six hours each week;
plays bridge every other Monday;
attends Bible study Monday evenings-it has homework-they do Beth Moore studies; and
in the past here has been president of the nine hole golf ladies organization, group leader, benevolence leader in our Sunday school class, been on the personnel committee at church, and on and on.

Those are the things she does without me. Meeting people and helping are two of her favorite things to do. She is a social worker (LSU MSW), retired now. We do a lot of things together, our favorite is probably traveling. I would have loved to have gone to London again this time but it was a 'girl thing' for Mrs. Jim and our daughter.

Mrs. Jim just got back from the brunch. She has another $60 winnings from golf to add to the $73.25 she has already. She has to spend the 73 by December 31, all at the pro shop.

Got to go now. Have made a tee time, 11:00, for next Friday. There are more calls to make too, one very important for our Spring travel to Sicily and more. I'm hoping for coffee in bed tomorrow again. Jim


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