Thursday, December 15, 2005

Me and My Buddy

Me and my buddy, we went for a ride this morning. She was aching to go as she hadn't been out for a week. Before we left, we had to put her top up for the first time in a month. We did that and headed out.

I awoke this morning at 5:09, five minutes before the alarm. I got right up and turned it off so Mrs. Jim could sleep.

It was still dark. This was the day Jr.#3's spouse was to have his bypass surgery at St. Lukes Hospital in the Houston Medical Center. I turned the coffeepot on and showered.

It was still dark when I got the coffee from the kitchen. Adi came into the bathroom to help me eat my granola bar half. She likes food that crunches when she chews.

It was still dark on the back porch where I put my shoes on. Adi did her thing in the moonlight.

Mrs. Jim was up when we came in. I packed the cheese--fat free--and pickle sandwich I had made for lunch yesterday at golf. Remember I had hot dogs instead when golf was rained out. Took my morning medicine and packed the rest for the day, along with my own water and some peanut butter crackers for medicine snacks.

I left the paper for Mrs. Jim except the sports and business section, which went in my reading bag. I know why Mrs. Jim got up. First to kiss me goodbye, but more important to her was to remind me to drive decently.

You see, I am an aggessive driver. Not a good one, but I say a skilled one. Jr.#1 doesn't like to ride with me. Another story there. We headed out. The Mustang couldn't run because we were locked in the traffic on FM 1097, going between 50 and 60.

At the bridge over Lake Conroe, the most striking sunrise was ahead. It had blue and orange/yellow rays almost across the horizon, emulating from the hidden sun. Like a fan. I called Mrs. Jim about the sunrise. We were still talking when we got on the Interstate. I assured Mrs. Jim that I was driving nice, staying behind a white SUV. There was no need to pass because we were going over 70, most times in the 80s.

Traffic never slowed much, we could go 60 plus in the two-lane construction zone that was the bottleneck during the Houston evacuation for Hurricane Rita. The Hardy toll road
traffic was between 80 and 90 in the fast lane, except for a few slower ones that needed to be passed. Once in while I would give the Mustang a free rein, she just wanted to run fast this morning. She thought the breeze was feeling good rushing across her smooth black top.

The trip through town on U.S. 59 was fast too. We did have to change lanes a few times. I found a place up close in the wrong parking garage--the Mustang had no choice here. Jr.#3 and the Patient were in a room, scheduled for surgery at ten. His mother was there too. Ten o'clock came and went. It was 2:30 before they came after him.

The Patient pulled through well; he was in recovery, having had his quadruple bypass surgery. It was time for us to go. Finding the Mustang was easy but I needed directions three times to find the garage.

It was way past dark now and we were heading home, me and my Mustang going fast.

Sounds like a long day but I'm glad things went okay in the hospital.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Glad the son in laws surgery went well.
And glad you had a chance to drive the car the way it needs to be driven. Fast..
Glad things went well. Your driving reminds of another. I guess the saying should be like father like daughter.
I like the Mustang! My first car was a red Mustang, I believe it was a 1964 model. I wish I had it now!

Glad things went well at the hospital and hope that recovery goes well also!
This sounds like me! I told Billy last night that my car, 1996 Ford Mustang GT Convertible, purrs like Amber when she is going at least 80 mph!!!

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