Monday, December 26, 2005

Not really a Scrooge

I might have sounded like Scrooge earlier when the Christmas day was related.

But that isn't the end of the story. After church we ate a snack--at home, most restaurants were closed--and went on to Karen and Billy's at three.

Karen and Billy were celebrating their first wedding anniversary and would be home from the Bahamas around nine. GC#4 had been staying with her other grandmother and came to their parents' home at three. So we were there and got to play and visit with GC#4 for a nice long time.

Christmas activities started at nine with the opening of Santa presents, then family presents. GC#4 did quite well for herself. Of course we all liked the Nebraska cheerleading outfit--GO BIG RED!!!!! Santa was very nice to her just in time for the big game this Wednesday.

Susie and Anthony came for about an hour but had to leave because Anthony was pooped. He is the son-in-law [husband of Susie, Jr.#3] who had heart surgery less than two weeks ago. The others were invited too but they couldn't make it.

After dropping Mrs. Jim's mother off at her apartment in Conroe, we got home just at two in the morning. It had been a nice family day.

Jim, it sounds like you had a great Christmas! Mine was pretty much like any Sunday. I went to church and was home the rest of the day.
When I read the home at 2 AM deal, I got tired. But it sounded like a nice day.

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