Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On the Run
Did you ever feel like you were running all the time? If so, was it to run away from something or to run trying to catch up? My experience has been more like running a race. And I never really know who I'm running against.

I have been running all day again and I don't know why. It didn't help to get up late and mess around. There was a tee time at 10:20 and I had a lot of time.

All of a sudden it was 9:45 and I still had to make a sandwich, take my mid morning medicine, sort out medicine for lunch time, pump up a couple of tires, and try to hit a few balls on the driving range. Ten came and I still hadn't touched a tire. I was losing this race.

Then the phone rang, it was Charlie, my golfing buddy. He announced it was drizzling and did we still want to play. I decided that I didn't. He didn't either then. So I called the other player and the pro shop. Race lost almost before it was terminated.

I went out with Adi and it seemed nice at our house, just a little breezy and misty. Nice and warm though, in mid 60s. After watching Adi smell her favorite spots and roll in the grass, I thought it would be nice to go for a short walk.

Adi loves the word, "walk." [Walking isn't running. Dah.] She heard me say the word and she was jumping up and down, literally. And came to hurry me in putting my shoes on. I had one on and the rain came hard. No thunder or announcement of a dark sky. Just rain. Another race lost.

There wasn't much coffee left but I read the paper, sports pages and funnies. I was supposed to be doing some work on Christmas cards that I didn't get done last night. But it was time to make my lunch--Mrs. Jim was being an elf, helping deliver some toys to schools today. Cards would wait.

My lunch was two hot dogs. Does anybody remember the old Tasty Inn drive in restaurants in Lincoln? They were that kind of hot dogs, with melted cheese and relish, and a little mustard. No bacon though.

That went fine but there wasn't any race to run there. After lunch I had unmentionable desert--main ingredient was Blue Bell Light ice cream--and finished the funnies and worked the Jumbo. Adi always waits patiently for ice cream, waiting until I am finished. She had just eaten hers when Mrs. Jim came. Forget catching up on my cards and personal time. Race lost, she had things for me to do.

I helped and we got the cards done her way real good. Again we were running late, but got changed and put the cards in the mail before it went out. Then we won a race. We got to the funeral home before five so we just sat in the parlor and waited.

Then home again to the Christmas home tour in the subdivision. It was 5 till 8 and seven homes were on the tour. We stopped at McDonalds for me a double cheeseburger to take with my medicine. I had forgotten the medicine so I ate the burger and drank my water on the way home. We stopped for my pill bottle and some water and headed for the first home. Got there at 6:45.

We finished our fourth home at 8:15. They were all nice. I will probably see the other three tomorrow night. Mrs. Jim will only see the one she in which she is working as a volunteer. The garden club people are acting as guides. That race was postponed.

A few thoughts. The older one gets, the slower one runs. Why are we always running anyway? Some races we shouldn't even enter. Other races go better with a helper. Not all races are completed. Some races are really fun, especially in a light rain on a warm day. Maybe we can run faster on a track, going round and round, but we really won't get any place exciting.
There is a lot more to think about. For one thing, dogs are happy just walking.
All this could cause a person to worry.
And some races are too long or run for nothing, sorta like this post. Jim

You are going to have trouble getting any sympathy from Nebraska people just because it's a little too wet to play golf. It's currently 30, grey, windy, misty, and too cold to even open the door and throw a golf ball outside.
It was a great post! I could just see Adi jumping up and down wanting to go for that walk. That's the same way ours does too, but I don't have to say it, he sees me putting on my sneakers and getting ready and he knows!
Good story. Life often does seem like a never ending race.
Sometimes it's good just to stop running and eat a double cheeseburger.
The race will still be there when you get back..
Scary to think that we could spend our whole lives running in the wrong race.

Uh oh, better speed up. Don't wanna think too much.....

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