Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is Karen, Jr.#5 and Billy.
They are a couple of my kids, well kid and son-in-law.
I don't have pictures of all them together so every now and then I will post one.

The Family

My family all are pretty good back seat drivers, er critics.

These kibitzers most times are very helpful. Mrs. Jim keeps me in line a little bit. You may have noticed a few of my blogs have changed after being written.

Here is a little about them. I don't use their names unless they give me permission. I have five kids, four kids' spouses and one wife. Also have a mother-in-law, a Father, and a sister. My sister and wife's bother and sister are all married so there are three more in-laws. Sister also has a daughter with husband and three kids living in the area. And we have four grandchildren. The grandchildren can go by birth order also, the oldest being GC#1.

We all get along pretty good, but we don't see each other very often. All the kids live in the Greater Houston area. Here goes.

Mrs. Jim -- We have been married almost 33 years. She doesn't want her name to appear here, at least not yet. I asked if I could call her 'my roommate.' She didn't like that and said Mrs. Jim would be just fine. Mrs. Jim is a retired social worker, working in hospital and school settings. She retired at an age a lot of people would envy.

Jr.#1 -- Son. Married, is a recreational corodinator for a local suburban city. He thinks I get too carried away. Does not post. Bloggers have a name for this kind of readers?

Jr.#1 -- Spouse. Is an accountant, doesn't post, I'm not sure she reads the blog.

Jr.#2 -- Son, Mitch. Married, is a number cruncher and big wig for a venture capital company. He posts and is a good critique of ideas.

Jr.#2 -- Spouse, Carmen. Is just finishing up on BS in Communications at Houston Baptist University. Her last internship is with FOX Channel 26 here. She posts. She really likes Adi as she doesn't have a dog. They do have a new betta. His name is Blue Azul Hov... and per Carmen, he's a precious fish.

Jr.#3 -- Daughter, "anonymous" to date. Married, she does post. She is a homemaker and music composer.

Jr.#3 -- Spouse, 'Jr.3 Spouse.' Is an administrator for Harris County Schools, teaches math part time at a community college, and has several business things going. He is having heart bypass surgery this Thursday, in two days. I think he has been too busy to read the blog but may now that he has to recuperate.

Jr.#4 -- Newly single son. Is a boatman at the Port of Houston. He reads and posted once to see if he could do it, as 'anonymous.' I removed his post as it just said "Test. Test." His reading is in the catchup mode as he is very busy also.

Jr.#5 -- Daughter, 'Kraren, Jr.#5.' Married, is a financial analyst for British Petroleum Co [BP]. She is a Baylor graduate and likes to travel. Is the real owner of Adi and Amber. She likes to post.

Jr.#5 -- Spouse. Billy. Is a data base manager IT/IS person. He and Jr.#4 keep our computers going in the right direction. He advises me some on blog etiquette. He wants more coverage of him, says that the animals get more light than he does. Well Billy, I will try, but I think it will average out. Remember the blog is new.

Sister -- 'Sister' gets listed tonight because she complained that I didn't have a blog for today, Tuesday, December 13. In an e-mail, mind you. She doesn't post. I think she tried but stopped before finishing. She lives in Iowa and is just a few miles from Dad who lives in a nursing home.

GC#3 -- Grandson, single--I don't think he reads the blog. He lives in Houston and Louisiana. He has at least two businesses, a PR company using local professional atheletes he has signed on and a Pizza Parlor.

GC#2 -- Granddaughter--A junior business administration major at a school I didn't use to even say the name of, the University of Texas at Austin. She is single but has a pretty steady fellow. She did an intership at NASA last summer, this summer will be at Caterpillar Co. She may be too busy to read my blogs. We will talk about it at Christmas time.

GC#3 -- Granddaughter--A senior in high school at Deer Park, Texas. She works a lot in an uncle's pawn shop. She is finalizing her college plans. She too, has a pretty steady fellow. My blog is not cool for her [my thought, as I don't think she reads it].

GC#4 -- Granddaughter--GC#4 came into our lives with Billy. She is eight, has a Yellow Belt in Karate, likes to read [was reading before kindergarten], always asks for Adi to come when we visit her, and I had better stop for now. Everyone wants equal billing you know.

That is enough for tonight. From time to time I will brag on each of these and tell of the others not mentioned tonight.

Don't want to be very much of a boor , just wanted to introduce the family tonight and put them in prospective. Jim

Wow..What a nice family. That son in law sound like a great guy!!
Jim, you have a great family indeed! Thanks for sharing them with us. Interesting to read about other people and their lives.

Thank you for telling me what was wrong with your link and why it didn't work! It works now!
my belt is yellow. Please correct the blog.please

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