Friday, December 23, 2005

Two More Thoughts, or

Is the World Going to the Dogs?

I have trouble this way. I tell Mrs. Jim that my I can't even keep up with my mind, as it is thinking all the time. I'm trying something new, I write things down. That way some can show up on these pages.

Anyway. . .

I. The dogs.

Tuesday's Houston Chronicle advertising had ten full-page columns of dogs for sale classified advertising. Yesterday there were still nine, today back to eleven with a couple not full length.

Are dogs popular as Christmas presents? I never knew anyone who got one for Christmas.

'They' say giving a dog to an elderly parent is not a very good thing to do. It could be mean, maybe. Sure pets are consoling and even help to lower blood pressure. I've got to take mine this morning. Adi is a therapy dog. She just pleases the older folk.

One downside aspect is that it hurts social life. For example, my mom and dad wouldn't even visit us in Texas because they were afraid to leave Tiger, their cat. There were plenty of volunteers but they just 'didn't want to impose' on their friends.

There is only one ad for puggle dogs, selling from $550 to $750. Had you heard about them? About the newest type of dog, a cross between a pug and a beagle. Maybe Mrs. Morrow has seen some? Supposedly they have the disposition of the beagle with the markings of a pug.

See for pictures and a better description.

Jim's house rule 24:15: But as for me and my house we will keep our beagle dog, Adi.

Similar to Joshua 24:15, " . . . But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD," which is our house rule also.

II. Breakfast on Pluto

This is a new movie being shown in only two theatres in the Houston area.

Why is it in this blog? The Houston Chronicle [] says it is "A cross-dressing farce that's a drag." They gave it a mere one half star rating. A dog of a movie?

The film is rated R for all the usual reasons. The biggest thing going for it is the starring actor, Cillian Murphy of Red Eye and Batman Begins fame. I haven't seen either of those, have never heard of Cillian, and WON'T be seeing this movie.

III. Mrs. Jim's other task. (I know I said 'two thoughts' but my mind is still working, all the time, remember?)(And this one doesn't relate to dogs, although Adi has had her share of pecans this morning.)

Mrs. Jim has delivered her first pie and is back. The second is in the oven and another in the waiting. It has turned out she is baking one a time for the first three.

Her task. Mrs. Jim has to spend $73 before she loses it. At our proshop. That is left over from her 2004 winnings. She doesn't need anything and the things I might get cost a lot more than that. She should come home with a pair of sandal golf shoes unless she changes her mind.

Another house rule 1:1: Mrs. Jim can always change her mind.

Spend it or lose it. That sounds like our U.S. government. When I was working at NASA we had to spend our federal budget before October. That was the beginning of a new fiscal year. So all kinds of office furniture, trips, etc. were sopping up the dollars. the leftover money just went into the general budget for the new year. Not for NASA.

Another down about not spending it all. If money was left over from the budget, Congress would cut it for the next.

This is the way federal budgets go. To the dogs. Some pretty hungry dogs lurking for their bones.

Jim that was a doggone good post!!
Our dog is a Shih-Tzu. They are so sweet and lovable. I was just looking at them on the internet today. They are expensive too. I'd say a lot of people get dogs as gifts for children. The downside of that is they end up not taking care of it as they promised they would if they got one and it ends up not being so loved after all. Many dogs have wonderful owners and have great lives. Others are not so lucky and have horrible owners. But I guess that's true of all animals. Sad too. Okay, enough of that sad business.

I hate to leave our dog and so we always took him with us. We stayed in a motel that allows pets and it was okay to leave him alone in the room when we were gone. I always made sure that the motel clerk had the number where we would be and that they knew he was in there alone and loose! He is good though and never bothered anything. It has always worked out well. I have left him with a friend that I trusted completely to take care of him before too.

Oh, sorry to go on and on but you got me on a subject I like, my dog!!

I hope you, Mrs. Jim, Adi, and the rest of your family have a lovely Christmas filled with peace and joy!
We work for the government in education. Same rules for our budgets. We gotta spend all our money or else lose it, and be cut next year the amount we didn't spend this year.

Makes you want to be a Republican.
Thanks for checking out my puggle site. Interesting blog you have, I definitely dig it. If you like puggles checkout It has all the mixed breed dogs like puggles and labradoodles in it. They definitely are expensive though. Sometimes over $1000 - believe it or not.

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