Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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    Bachelor for a Week -- Day Four

    The answer to yesterday's question [what do Vice President Dick Cheney and I have in common?] . I though some of my kids might know but they didn't volunteer or were to busy to read or post, or couldn't post. Cliff was close. WE WERE BOTH BORN IN NEBRASKA. GO BIG RED! GO BIG RED!

    Another busy day. Adi got cold in the night and was on my bed when the alarm went off. Mrs. Jim used to worry about her getting cold. She asked the vet what to do and he said she was a dog and could handle the cold. Sure, it was in bed with us. There was frost out back on the golf course and the temp was only abut 30 F. The sun was out and things looked pretty.

    When the phone rang, I was in my routine getting ready for my appointment with my dermatologist, Dr. Seymour Weaver. He is on this year's Texas Super Docs list in the Texas Monthly Magazine. I didn't choose him for that reason.

    The routine was having coffee and half a granola bar for breakfast in the bathroom while grooming. My son-in-law, Jr. #5's husband, called to say his Grandmother had died early this morning. The family had been waiting for this, she had been in hospice and was failing rapidly. That call I thought would make me late, but traffic was steady at 10 or so miles over the speed limit all the way and I made the trip in 40 minutes. Most of this road is the two lane bottleneck on Interstate 45 you saw on TV when the Houston hurricane evacuees had a forty mile or more traffic jam, six lanes narrowing into two.

    According to Dr. Weaver, all is fine with me. He wrote a prescription for some salve to put on my toe where the nail had come off after a bump with a card table. I went to the K & B Toy Store at the mall. They are closing and everything was on sale. I was looking for a couple of 1:18 diecast cars that are on my wish list. I found a red 65 Corvette for a lady there whose husband wanted one of those, but mine weren't there. There is just enough birthday money to buy a Model A Ford pickup on sale. Not there though. Birthday had already bought a new Black 1948 Ford convertible off e-Bay.

    On the way to the toy store I stopped at the $1.00 store and picked up some Christmas and Adi things for thirty-two dollars. Then a duck into Talbots and I was there. It was 12:50 when I left so I had a chicken sandwich and Diet Coke at the Woodlands Whataburger. Drinks are free for seniors. The way I "like it," their motto, is with lettuce and no mayo. Then I get a small cup of their delicious mustard on the side. More than half of the mustard goes home for the fridge.

    I stopped for my prescription, went to the bank, and got a haircut at our rural neighbor hair salon. I got home about 3:30. Mrs. Jim had e-mailed from London, but by now had gone back to her room.

    Here are her activities for the day: "Today I stayed in bed until [Jr. #5] left as she was hurrying. So I didn't leave the room until about 10:30. I went shopping along Piccadilly and then to the matinee of the Agatha Christie play, The Mousetrap. It may be in Houston now. After that, I ate pizza and then came back to the hotel to see [Jr. #5] before she left[for her evening meeting]. Then I went to Harrods to get us a pastry for tomorrow A.M. and then here [the Internet cafe]. It is 9 P.M. I will go to the hotel and crash!!! Please make me a reservation for the Jingle Bell Brunch on Sat. Call the club office (Peggy,etc.) to make the reservation. I guess I'll go. I will check email again and look at your blog."

    There may be no blog entry tomorrow. Jr. #5 Son-in-law and I are going to Orange, Texas, for the visitation for his Grandmother at the funeral home. I haven't done much in Orange so that will be interesting too. I understand there is still a lot of damage from hurricane Rita. Jim

    You're making this bachelor stuff look way too easy. Be careful, your wife may be reading it.
    Just to make you feel better, it was -8 this morning. It is supposed to warm to +7 today.
    Sounds like you are managing okay being a bachelor for the time being.

    Geesh, it's entirely too cold at your house Cliff!

    Jim, sorry about your son-in-laws mother. Have a safe trip.
    Dad, I saw that you made out checks for your bills, stuffed them in envelopes and went to the post office to mail them.

    If you go to a site called "Check Free" (put that into your google search engine to find the exact url), you can recieve at that site 90% of your bills and pay them right there online as well. I is for FREE. I think most ot the banks offer this same service (recieving and paying your bills online).

    I have been doing it for 2 years. It makes life much easier than getting them in the mail, writing checks and then mailing them.

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