Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wrap-up for the night

It has been a busy day. Golf was really fun, a great sunny day for it. I did leave my green Pioneer vest on though. Even had to put on sunscreen.

Got home, let Adi out, we went for a cart ride to get the mail. She walks the curb, just like a gymnastics kid walking the beam. And she gets so excited, sticking her head out the side and letting her ears blow in the breeze. I have a short leash so she won't fall out.

Mrs. Jim had pizza ready when we got back. Then we both went into Conroe to do some last minute shopping for a couple of GCs. Then a roast some chips for Christmas dinner and home. Just now.

Glad you had a fun day of golfing! Did you win?? I don't know a thing about golf except you knock a golf ball around and hope it goes into those holes ASAP.

Pizza sounds good too! Making me hungry here at this time of the night Jim!
Mrs. Jim won. She is trying to get a more respectable handicap.
Mine isn't respectable but it is within the talking ranges.
In January I will make a post devoted to my handicap, partly golf.

At that time of the night Mrs. Jim, Adi, and I were eating an ice cream sundae. Adi doesn't get chocolate on hers.
That is part of our bedtime ritual. A story there too.

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