Friday, January 13, 2006

Adi Update. .

Adi did get her bath yesterday. She has an appointment for 10:20 this morning. For sure she will get her shot(s) and a nail trim. Also a refill on her heartworm medicine. She will get weighed, I'm afraid she has picked up a little weight over the holidays. Her vet recommends 25 pounds. I have her on a diet so she stays pretty close to that.

Mrs. Jim has a 10:04 tee time, but that doesn't affect Adi. Well, it does because we generally go for a walk from wherever Mrs. Jim drops us off.

Adi got up with me to get the paper a few minutes ago. That is one of the things she likes to do. The paper is in the driveway so we go out front where she can see, better, smell, who the visitors have been since yesterday. She never goes into the street although I do watch her to make sure. She doesn't even leave the curb to meet a walker or a walker with one of her dog friends.

She gets my attention if there is a squirrel, grackle, or cat in sight. Our routine is for me to tell her to 'stay.' She does. I have learned not to say 'ok' for minding, as that has been her cue for chasing squirrels on the golf course. She will be gone when I do that. Cats, no chasing allowed. But squirrels and birds will be 'ok' if they are where she doesn't have to cross the street out front in her chase. 'Go get 'em' is also in her vocabulary.

She had treat for being good, now she is back to the bedroom finishing her sleep. It isn't that early, Al Roker is giving the weather right now. I imagine she is in our bed sleep beside Mrs. Jim. She knows the bed is for two. If we both are there, she stays in her own bed at our side.

Adi will get her care today. I hope we do also. I need a haircut. The plumber needs to be called for the dripping under the sink faucet problem. Taxes can be put off until Tuesday though I probably will mail them today for a postmark. Tonight our group plays Forty-two, a domino game. That is a once a month affair, complete with supper.

We would like to see "Walk the Line" tomorrow evening. Senior rates at the theatres wouldn't break them up in business if the other seniors didn't go anymore than we do. So far this year we have seen "Chronicles of Narnia." In December we saw "Pride and Prejudice (2005)." That one should win a lot of awards.

Adi sure looks pretty washed up good. Her white is so white after her bath. She smells like strawberry conditioner for a few days.

hey Jim,
I got your messgae on my blog..and I am sorry to say but you missed it..I did witchy woman..

I amy do it again soetime though.haha

thanks for sstopping by, hope to see ya agin soon;)
Adi is a beautiful beagle! I've got a soft spot for beagle doggies. Also glad to know that other people sleep with their dogs besides me :)
I am telling you, that Adi gets cuter and cuter!!! Mayber her and Amber would be in 'pet Heaven' together!!! Just kidding.... like to get your heart going every once in a while!!! :-)

Karen, Jr #5
I think you will like Walk The Line. I absolutely loved it. Was and still am a huge Johnny Cash fan. Wasn't sure about Joaquin Phoenix but am now a fan of his too.

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