Friday, January 13, 2006

A confession:
That red 2005 Mustang isn't mine. I got to test drive it on a measured track at our horse race parking lot for the Ford Invitation Days. I drove it and the new Ford Fusion before they became available. The only Mustangs with automatic transmissions were V6s. I was on crutches then so that's all I could drive. I still made a good time on the course.
Another confession:
I'm not 104 years old. That's all the older Blogger would let me be. Dad had a cousin who lived to be 103, her sister was 101 when she died. They lived in Arlington, Nebraska.
Our day:
Adi got her shots and nail trim, I got my hair cut. Mrs. Jim played 18 holes of golf. I don't know how good she did, she didn't say, I will ask. I worked on things, but didn't get much else accomplished.
Mitch on probation:
I added him to my links of "Fellow Bloggers" like he asked but he may not stay. We have to work him over a little to keep on writing. They are nice articles when he will write. While on probation maybe I ought to post his progress, letting people know in my blog when he has updated. He says he will do it 'two or three times a week' but it has been over a week now.
Like the shoe ad, 'just do it!' Mitch.

Sorry to hear that the car isn't yours.
Glad to know you aren't 104. Yet..

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