Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Excitement still--Taxes are finished

Dad even gets a few refunds. Just the right amount, nothing big, but for sure no penalties for underpayment.

Adi and I went to see Dad today. He enjoyed seeing Adi. Most of the other residents did too.

For supper we had one of Jim's wall-eye pike fish he brought from Canada last summer. It was a nice big one, the four of us had two pieces left over. I hope I get those first. They will make a nice sandwich.

Jim might be almost finished going to Canada. So if you want to go with him, get invited soon. Too, starting in 2007 people will need a passport for getting into Canada.

I did put my '50 Ford bumpers in the trunk. I will have to tie it shut and let them hang out about ten inches. They aren't NOS by far, but will rechrome nicely if I need them.

Tomorrow is open. We will probably leave Thursday and expect to be back home Friday.


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