Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Extra! Extra!

Dave Letterman said today (January 25, 2006) is the most depressing day of the year.

Someone should have told me earlier. So Dave told a bunch of ways to 'make you happy.' The only one I remember was that if Hillary gets in the White House you can bet Bill will misbehave again.

Followed by a clip, George Bush saying "follow me, the world is going to be worse." I won't remember that.

I wonder what tomorrow will be?

With Letterman...who knows. I quit watching him after the O'Reilly fiasco.
Thanks, Elise. I missed the the whole O'Reilly bit. We must have been out of the country.
We probably should quit watching him too. I hang on because his sense of humor mates with mine.
Generally we don't watch beyond the interview start. But not having cable or a dish, our choices are limited.
Leno is pretty raunchy for us, we don't watch him much. I do like his headline news bit.
He can't be all bad though because he collects cars and rides motorcycles. And has been married to Mavis 25 years, ever since I knew of him.
I wish Letterman would get married, to his ??
Yeah I always laugh when I watch Letterman. Leno never makes me laugh. I didn't see the O'Reilly fiasco that night, but I think you can catch it if you Google it. I'm sure I'll watch Letterman again. It's impossible to NOT watch everyone who disagrees with me.

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