Sunday, January 22, 2006

Guys, we've been had!
An extra tidbit
Texans set to
Hire Kubiak

... Big Brother is at it again.

I just saw this in the reasoning for why Google stock is plunging. (There were other reasons too.)

Per a Yahoo News article: "Wall Street's jitters intensified Friday as the market mulled the possible fallout from Google's rebuff of a Justice Department subpoena seeking a list of its users' search requests for a one-week period. U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales filed a motion in San Jose federal court earlier this week seeking to force Google to hand over the requested information."

Are you worried? Have you been searching for naughties? The Justice Department will find you out! I have been thinking of looking up the recipe for--whoops, can't say those words, I will be found out when Mr. Gonzales finds this post!

I wonder how many searches are made on Google in a week's time? Will they use a computerized search or will this be 'full employment' for Internet snoops? Get your resumes polished up.

p.s. (1) Google isn't foolproof. Spell checker for their Blogger here doesn't know the word 'Google.' That alone scares me.
p.s. (2) Is Mrs. Jim in trouble with the feds now? After a Web recipe search, she is at the store getting some ingredients for a
'Potato Veggie Soup' she had made before. This is for a friend recovering from surgery. The Houston Chronicle has a wonderful recipe data base. It is very easy to do a search here.

I had to laugh that Google doesn't know itself.
well, somehow i missed all this. hopefully i didn't miss too much! do i need to spend more time watching TV and the news? um....NAY!

have a blessed day!

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