Saturday, January 14, 2006

I made a mistake . . .
did anyone catch it?

I had a country station Web site on my link instead of classic rock. It's fixed now and I'm listening to Stairway to Heaven by Lead Zeppelin.

Thanks for all your concern for Adi, she is doing fine and doesn't even know she has a problem. Her doc is a good one, even if he is a Texas Aggie. In fact Texas A&M University has one of the better vet schools in the nation. For sure in Texas.

Adi did gain a little weight over the holidays. She weighed 26.1 pounds, her last visit was 25.3. But that is ok, according to Dr. Hablinski. The Web site for his Willis Animal Clinic is

My link to the Drive-Thru Gourmet at the side has also been updated. This week it is about "Quiznos bread bowls good to the last crumb."

The last bread bowl Mrs. Jim and I had was at the monthly market at Anchorage, Alaska, this last September. It had clam chowder. We also had fish and chips. We were sitting on a little picnic bench with a very large crowd around that day.

KKRW is moving on, they are playing Black Water by the Doobie Brothers now, well now Who'll Stop the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

I love to make bread bowls and homemade soup. My kids especially love it when I make potatoe soup. But it's really time consuming so usually I just make the soup and my husband puts whole wheat bread in the bread machine and we just eat them together. *sigh*

Thanks for your comment on GraceReign. I am curious what your devotional book's theme would be. It sounds cool!
Hi Paula,
I'm glad you asked, it helps put fire to my feet.
God and I are the only ones who know my theme yet.
I do get asked sometimes, when, or what is the progress. Not enough is the answer for now.

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