Wednesday, January 04, 2006


and came out the very best!

Of course it is from a 'gurl' site so it was easy for an honest guy to do good.

Test courtesy of poopie

gURL.comI took the "The Animal Spirit" quiz on
My animal spirit is...
The Mongoose

The mongoose is the only animal that would risk life and limb for a loved one. The mongoose also uses its speed to escape danger when it finds itself in a tight spot. According to shamanistic wisdom, mongoose people value relationships over everything and are the most loyal of friends.

What is your animal spirit?

Continued from above:
This loyalty also carries over to ideas--mongoose people are very passionate about their beliefs and defend them at great cost.
Does your quick tongue get you out of trouble sometimes? Mongoose people are gifted with quick minds that they know how to use on their own behalf.


Please take the test for yourself and tell me what animal spirit you are like. In other words, drop me a comment, please.

I guess the saying holds true.... like father, like daughter. I am a mongoose as well!
I was a coyote. I am curious how you found this one?
'Test courtesy of poopie.' On January 1, 2006.

Click her name on the blog above the box. Now she is linked on the side bar too.
Hey Karen. We were both supposed to vote for Senator Kerry for president too! Remember?

Just say we are the best. And we test alike.
Hi Dad- That sounds good! I will definitely say that!!

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