Monday, January 30, 2006

Iowa is not very exciting today, Texas could be this exciting too.

Why not, because I'm doing my dad's income taxes. I might not finish until tomorrow.

Why would Texas be this exciting? Because I could be doing these taxes in Texas just as well as I'm doing here.

What is not exciting about these taxes? I have to file four returns for one man. 1) There is the federal 1040. 2) We have to file a 1041 federal for Mom's trust. 3) Nebraska needs income tax filed for the farm. The 120 acres made about $3750 profit this year. Not nearly enough to support a family of four. Way below the poverty level. More three times that much from Social Security. 4) Iowa state income tax on his Social Security and retirement stuff.

That all is not exciting!

The sun did shine, the first time since we came on Friday night. It was out for almost an hour this afternoon. Also there was a little snow on the grass this morning. The sign at the Iowa Welcome Center said, "Iowa--where the excitement begins."

Those three things were exciting for Iowa people today.

Where the excitement begins? Hhhmmm.

I'm doing my taxes today. I'm just glad I can do it online for free.

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