Monday, January 09, 2006

Jim with Red Ford Mustang


NASCAR Driver,

Carl Edwards


Mrs. Jim and Jim. . .


Please don't get excited. The picture in my profile isn't of me. I looked a lot like this when I was MUCH younger.
I'm a racing enthusiast. About the only one in our household. We have a quarter mile (maybe a fith mile) track in nearby Wilis, Texas. Mrs. Jim doesn't like the dirt and mud that gets thrown into the stands where I like to sit.
The picture is of Carl Edwards, my favorite (right now) NASCAR driver, driving car # 99. He is on the Roush Ford racing team, and was tied for second in total points in Nextel Cup points this year with Gregg Biffle, driving Roush Ford car # 16. To see the Ford drivers, click here.
I got the idea from Cheyenne who has a picture of Dale Earnhardt Jr in her profile.
The picture of the guy below this isn't of me either. I may have never looked like him, well maybe I did in my late 20s.
One of my wish for cars is a Roush Ford Mustang.

Hello, Jim. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Lovely picture of you and the Missus.
I'm not into Nascar, and about the only time I see anything about it is when there is a terrible crash.
I don't follow any sports at all. If I ever went to a Nascar race, I'm sure I would really enjoy it.
Thank you for dropping by my blog. I thought I'd return the favor.

I'll check back now and then.

Take care.
Jim, I was only teasing you about your profile picture!!

I like your Red Ford Mustang!
Great pic of you and Mrs. Jim. In jr. high a 9th grader liked me and he and his parents took me to the races a few times. He was impressed that I enjoyed it. Said most girls didn't. Now at the ripe age of 40 I have to admit I'm not crazy over the noise of car racing. And if I'm going to have to deal with dirt I think I'd prefer camping. LOL
Hey thanks for putting me in your blog! That's kinda neat.
Hi Jim...I think Carl Edwards may very well be the future "Greatest NASCAR Driver in History". Boy that kid is something elas isn't he? What a story he will tell his grandkids...I followed you over here from Cheyennes.
Great pictures by the way!
You should stop by The Church sometime. **lol**

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