Saturday, January 28, 2006

Let the excitement begin!

That is what the sign above the Iowa Welcome Center door said, "Iowa--where the excitement begins." This was at the first exit into Iowa on I-35, near Lamoine. Inside was the lady who begged us to sign her book. They were trying to keep the visitor count up so the state would let them continue.

The welcome center part took space of about 30 X 30 feet. The coffee was still good that late in the day. The rest of the rather large building was devoted to antique and craft sales, with merchandise provided by locals who rented space. The blue Interstate signs had only said "Visitor Center" started by the international symbol, '?', the question mark for 'Information."

We got to Iowa about 4:30 this afternoon (Friday, 1-27). We left Montgomery at 1:06 this morning. There was a stop in Lawrence, Kansas, for the Runza. They were good. Also got the four frozen Runzas they had for the kiddos and us to eat later at home. Mrs. Jim can make more when those are gone.

There was the potty stop at McDonald's along the turnpike in Kansas. We didn't eat, we were saving ourselves for Runzas in Kansas. One more stop at a Subway in Oklahoma was for breakfast. We had a 'SouthWestern' sandwich. Two egg 'patties,' two smallish pieces of ham, two half slices of American cheese, onion slivers, and green peppers on a six inch whole wheat poboy bread all went into the oven. The maker asked if we wanted mustard or ketchup on it. I asked what she puts on hers, she said 'ranch.' The ranch topped it off real well. Until this morning we didn't know about the Subway breakfast menu.

The start of excitement was brother-in-law, Jim, who had made bean soup for us. Tomorrow, January 28 is his birthday too. I know, that is today already, it is getting late. His number is a round one, very big, when mine came I was going to run away. For two weeks. He isn't running as he wants to be a nice brother-in-law and entertain his relatives from Texas.

Tomorrow will be more excitement. We will see two basket ball games, one starring our great niece and the other our great nephew. Those will get things going. After that, in the afternoon after Dad's nap time, we will visit him for a little birthday party. It will be number 96. He can't run away.

Lois does have some nice things for us to do. We will see how much excitement there is in Iowa in January, with no snow.

p.s. I talked with the Radio Shack guy Thursday night about the camera. He told me how to just read the SD card directly from my lap top. Then while packing I found a large fold out paper with picture directions for the camera and dock. Things might be getting better for it, and me.

Isn't it funny how people never eat at McDonalds unless they are traveling?

I hope you are having fun; be safe.
I didn't know Subway had breakfast, either!

My hubby is from Iowa. Excitement? uh, no. But laid backness (new word!) has its place, too. :)

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