Sunday, January 29, 2006

More excitement from Iowa

The morning started with a much needed shower. Then breakfast of coffee, a half sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, more coffee, and the usual half granola bar. Mrs. Jim had the identical same breakfast. That happened at McDonald's.

Then it was a steady diet of basket ball games, seventh grade great nephew an eighth grade great niece were playing. The last game ended at nine thirty tonight (Saturday night).

In between we had lunch at Culver's. I had a Philly Ribeye Steak Sandwich with water, Mrs. Jim had chili in a bread bowl. They both were good.

At 4:00 we headed to the nursing home with a hot fudge sundae. That was to celebrate Dad's 96th birthday. He was doing pretty good, smiled some and ate about half the sundae. At one point he called me Howard (his younger brother, now deceased). I reassured him I was Jim and was with Mrs. Jim. We aren't sure if he knew or not. Tomorrow we will visit again.

When we got home we were greeted by Adi. She was glad to see me and felt like maybe there wasn't need to worry I wouldn't return. She gets anxiety something when I'm gone. When I return she cries and whimpers an we talk a bit. More than a bit, for a few minutes really.

We had birthday cake and ice cream with Jim, brother-in-law. He is an unmentionable age now, it is a very large and round number. One that made me want to run away for mine.

Oh yes, it is raining here. It was raining in Houston, according to Karen. I hope it is raining in Lubbock too. And Elise, I eat one or two times a week at MdD's. Generally a double cheeseburger and a senior Diet Coke with two refills.

You'all enjoy and we will try to stay excited here in Iowa.

Comments:, is this a heart healthy diet you're on?
Glad the trip is going well!
Stay excited, even if you aren't in Iowa!
At least you get a diet coke!

I gotta go...we are traveling to the big town of Slaton to see the Harvey House (old train depot.)

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