Saturday, January 14, 2006

p.s. to Adi's visit with the vet

Adi's vet this morning said she had a heart murmur. He rates them from 1 to 6, six being a really bad one. Adi's is about a two. He said his ears weren't good enough to hear a one.

He said old people and dogs get to coughing when these get real bad. He said then it would be congesitive heart failure. Dogs get that too.

Beagles commonly get this murmur according to the vet, but they generally don't develop into anything real bad. They will have a constant cough when the murmur gets worrisome.

Most men rely on their wives to tell them their not perfect anymore.
Poor Adi! Glad she has such loving owners to care for her!
Is there anything that can help Adi?
Jim I think Mitch meant he would post once or twice a month - but I will tell him that he's on double NOT secret probation
Well I guess you should be glad his ears can hear a 2 and aren't so bad he can't hear anything below a 5..
Poor Adi!! I guess she got her mommy's bad heart. Or, could it be that she got all of our family heart problems!!

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