Sunday, January 22, 2006

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for PBS tonight, January 22, at 8:00pm EST, nine Central Time.

Masterpiece Theatre on PBS [
PBSC] is starting a six episode of"Bleak House" This is a fun book by Charles Dickens. A wealthy man is entangled in a long, difficult lawsuit over a disputed will.

Guess who wins? (Don't read any more if you want to wait until the last episode to fine out.) The court costs and lawyers eat up the entire estate. Way back then in Dickens' time, but it seems a more familiar theme yet today.

Sometimes in Business Law classes we would discuss this book. It fit into the topic for the day, but I can't remember now how or what.

Greed hits the wealthy man as hard as it hits the poor man.
Whenever you ask a wealthy man how much money he needs, the answer is "just a little more".
p.s. The sandwich shop in Cedar Rapids is "Clay City Sandwiches", but won't open until Feb. 5th.
I have other plans, but it was a great book. I love Dickens.

Did you every happen to see the Nickolas Nickleby mini-series?

Probably 25 years ago.

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