Thursday, January 26, 2006

An unhappy experience
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .with a fun toy

If Santa brought you a new digital camera, I hope you are doing better than I am. Did you by any chance get a Kodak? I did and the manual stinks.The EasyShare software stinks too.

Anyway I got as far as
Cheyenne* did her first day as I did in my four days. That was after it was on our table for about a week.When I installed the computer software I couldn't tell that anything was happening. Then a little window prompted me to register the camera and software.

I did that. They were supposed to e-mail me, they didn't. Everybody does, Kodak didn't.When I put the stuff together hooking the camera to the computer, it up/down (??)
loaded the eight pictures I had in camera memory. It didn't tell me where it was putting them and after two days I still can't find them.

The SD card seems to be working so I guess I can take 318 more pictures while I find them and figure things out.

One more thing. The EasyShare software went through my whole computer and labeled every '.jpg' file as an 'EasyShare jpg' type file. It didn't move them, just put that in a file type. I don't know what that means.

PC Magazine has it rated as their Editors' Choice miniture camera, they must not have tried downloading/uploading. Yes, the did because they talked about the good quality prints produced.

So watch out for surprises. I am hoping to find a nice program and a cable so I can load the computer directly from the camera and forget EasyShare.

Don't let this discourage you, you will probably go at a much faster pace than I am.

*I put much this same posting in her comments. It got rather long so she may decide to take it out. That is fine with me, cause I probably did mess up her works. Now I will say it here, and maybe you can figure I am hollering "Help! Help!" I can take it back within 30 days of purchase. I just might.

Sorry you are having technical difficulties. I would offer assistance but that would only make it worse. It's kind of like those labels on toys kids, "Some assembly required." Big red flag there!
No problem with what you left on my comments section.
When I downloaded with the software CD they also included "ZoomBrowser EX" and when I click on that icon it is where my one and only photo so far can be found. And just awhile ago I figured out how to get that photo in my post for today. And I wrote everything down as I went so I wouldn't forget anything.
I hear ya. I had to take mine back twice to get one that would even turn on! I didn't like the way the software converted everything either. If I wanted that done it's my perogative to do it. I'm content with it now, but it took a LOT of getting used to. Not very user friendly.
Hmm...Interesting post, considering I'm about to purchase a camera and the Kodak was first on the list.

I do know that if you purchase a Picture CD and use Koday Picture software when you install it, it automatically makes it your default for opening JPGs. I am guessing the camera software does the same. You can change that. I did it once. If you would like to know how I might be able to figure it out again. lol.
I bought a card reader or 'media reader, writer. It accepts 4 different sized camera cards and downloads to the USB port. I've found it to be well worth the $28. My Canon Rebel SLR takes about a half hour to transfer 50 of the XL pics I take. This will download the same pics in about a minute. The nice part is I can use it to send to MY Pictures and I get to choose the file. Just a thought.
My. Edgy, aren't we. Is this a heart-healthy pastime?

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