Monday, January 16, 2006

Where is your seat?
up or down?
Toilet seat, that is.

When I have my way, our looks like the one on the left.

What are lids for? If toilets were so beautiful with them open all the time we wouldn't need them. My reasons for the lids:
1. TO PUT THE GAPING HOLE out of sight so it is prettier.
2. To put things on when we aren't using the toilet, sort of like an extra table.
3. To keep things from falling in. That will always do in the electric razor. Toothbrushes can be washed. Ask Jerry Seinfeld about that.
4. For ladies to gripe about when men leave them up. Well guys, I have to admit it isn't very pleasant to go in when it's dark and sit down on the toilet with both seats up.

There might be other reasons. I try to enforce my both lids down rule. Mrs. Jim has the first lid down rule.

Maybe yours looks like the one in the middle. Mine will be similar to that some day, except not an infant conversion, rather it will be an extender to help me get up and down easier.

Most of the time ours doesn't get like the one on the right. I have a plunger and a tool box together with my ingenuity keep it working.

There is a Web site of toilet bowl pictures at They say no downloading* except from the download page.

I would like one (or more) of my Houston kids or grandkids to send in a picture of the one in the Cadillac Bar, along with a picture of the restaurant. The men's in the annex building would be best. Watch out for unmentionable graffiti. That place is a must see for Houston visitors.


What condition is your seat in right now?
1. Both lids down
2. Both lids up
3. One up, one down
4. Out of order

What is your house rule?
1. Both lids down
2. One up, one down
3. We don't give a r.t's a.. about it

Happy and Blue, you are welcome to take a survey of this for me. You have a much larger following than I do for sampling.

* The fine print from Condition (rule) 1.3 "User may not download or copy the Content and other downloadable items displayed on this Web site for personal use (with the only exception being those contained on our downloads page). User shall not store any significant portion of any Content owned by or licensed to in any form."

saw your comment on gracereign's blog and noticed what looks like an 05 mustang.

my dad bought me an all original 67 mustang for my 16th birthday (twenty-seven yrs ago). my husband traded it (2months after we were married), for a long bed ugly piece of junk, truck...without telling me he was doing it.

needless to say, i was wondering why in the world i had married this man. after seeing how upset i was he tried to buy the car back, but of course the guy was too smart and kept the car. i did end up forgiving my husband and now 24 yrs later when the new mustang body style came out i told him he could actually redeem himself by purchasing me an 05 GT mustang. he did and even decided to trade our suburban in for him an 05 roush mustang.

just thought i'd share the story since i see you enjoy ford cars.

hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!
Jim, I apologize for not responding sooner but as my anniversary approaches and I'm making plans to celebrate it, I came across your comment. Rex was just a fictional name I pulled out of the air... no reason, just random. Glad you stopped by.

Oh, the seats are always down, a houseful of women mandate it.

i like the seat down, its better for humanity this way..

i cant tell you ho many things i have dropped in toilet because someone negelted the seat down rule...
One up, one down ~ now and always OR ELSE!
both seats DOWN at our house, if one of the seats is up in even the slightest of oversights, the wife acts like it is the end of the world
Alas, only one bathroom here but the seat is always down (unless I'm cleaning it!).
I love this post...I will have to show my wife. We are newly married, and she is getting used to having "men" that are not so great with their aim. She says she is going to put a target in the bowl for us to practice hitting.

Well...I just took up the bowl on Saturday, and cleaned and recalked everything. Talks with the boys has us more conscious of where we...aim.

Peace Bro
We are a both down house. It also helps that we got a slow closer. You tap it and both lids slowly close. Problem is the one downstairs is a regular closer and I occassionally slam it.
I think I have to agree with my brother on this one.... In our house if the lid is up, the wife and child go nuts!! The first word is "Daddy, get in here" or "Billy, the stupid toilet seat is up." Usually after that comes both of us getting on him by telling him how gross it is and that he has to put it down! I then remind him that his bachelor days are OVER!!
One up and one down. For both.
Actually I would prefer both down but I've been outvoted..
And you seem to be getting a lot of comments here without my help..
1. A house rule is one more thing to fight about. No house rules.

2. But a personal rule has been enstated after today's blog--no eating while reading your blog.
Both the seat and lid are down, it's automatic for us.
Much more aesthetic that way.
As you pointed out, things won't fall in. Also, if you have a dog it can't use the potty for a water dish.

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