Thursday, January 26, 2006

You can live in Montgomery, Texas, where ...

9. There is no sales tax on food or medicine items. Four tax free days for clothing are before school starts.


Comments: cool is that??
I could look at a map and not sound so stupid, but I'm lazy. What part of TX is Montgomery in? Also your profile says you were born in Nebraska, do you have the accent? If you read my blog today first date number one was from Nebraska.
He had better have been a nice guy. I don't think I have an accent. Mrs. Jim is from Louisiana and I have picked up a little 'Southern' from her. Like putting two or three syllables in some one syllable words.
Montgomery is about 50 miles north of Houston, 12 miles northwest of Conroe.
We aren't in town, but in a subdivision between Willis (on I-45) and Montgomery off FM 1097.
LA, best crawfish I ever had.

North of Houston...NOW I know where it is.

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