Monday, February 20, 2006

(all) Good things
have to come to an end

The good thing is Mema's birthday; but now she will have to wait until next year for another. She is living for the day she will be 90. But then, Susie says, we won't have any octogenarians in the family. I might be next if I live so long.

She had quite bit of attention this weekend. Her son, Danny, came from Tennessee, Susie and Anthony (my kiddo and husband) came Saturday, they sang for her at Pancho's, and her Sunday school class sang yesterday. Susie gave her money to buy a Bingo card for the next twenty weeks. She had better do this on Friday nights, Mrs. Jim is going to dole it out a dollar at a time on Wednesdays.

After church we ate at Lubby's Cafeteria. Karen and Billy joined us. Then we went to Karen's house for cake. Karen made it from scratch, it was so good that I have my order in for my next birthday.

Karen frosting the cake


Mrs. Jim wants to help


Mema says let's get this show on the road


But can't have cake until you blow out the candles!


Who ate the most cake?

Danny, Mrs. Jim, or Mema?


Amber wants to know, "Where's my cake?"

Karen: "you poor baby"


Adi said, "I got mine!"

"But now they are leaving me here :-( "

Looks like you had a nice party. And that cake does look very good.
I came over here looking for a grandkid update..... I'll give you some time to work on it.
(Mrs. Jim almost looks like the cat that ate the canary.)
Great pictures! I'm glad Mema enjoyed her birthday. That cake looks great!! Love the critters too!

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