Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First Time

and hot, hot!

This time it is tobasco sauce. I had never eaten Tabasco Sauce until the other day. Mrs. Jim made some white beans and ham. My mother used to make navy beans and ham. There never was very much ham, just a little flavor and some odd pieces and a few bones. Mom's was really good.

Mrs. Jim didn't use to make this kind of beans and ham. Her specialty was and is red beans and rice. The beans were made with pieces of ham and andouille sausage. She puts just the right kinds of spices in the beans to make them wonderfully Cajun. Then they are served over rice.

Until I met Mrs. Jim I wouldn't think of eating beans and rice together. Red beans and rice is a Louisiana staple. All the Cajuns eat them regularly, the transplants eat them just about as well.

After eating her red beans and rice these white beans without rice seemed very bland. The trouble is we are about forty-five minutes round trip from the grocery store. So she made do with the white beans.

Right away Mrs. Jim added some Tabasco Sauce to her dish. Since things were so bland I decided I would try it that way too.

Viola! Instant improvement.

So that is how I came to eat Tabasco Sauce at such an old age, for the first time.

p.s. You can read up on
Tabasco Sauce (link) here. Most all of it is made in Louisiana. There are several brands, but the most famous is Trappy's. More also can be found from Linda Stradley, and to the web site What's Cooking America, and/or her cookbook I'll Have What They're Having - Legendary Local Cuisine.

Black beans and rice... now that's the staple in Brazil. Not spicy, but more salty or garlicky.
But I love almost ANY kind of beans and rice.
Bring 'em on!
I like the beans and rice at Popeyes.

B loves Tabasco. I like hot stuff, but for some reason it just doesn't do it for me.
Tabasco does pick things up and helps the flavor! Glad you finally found it out!
I'm not a huge fan of Tobasco, but I really really like Crystal Hot Sauce. If you can't get ahold of Crystal (their production was shut down by the hurricanes this year), try Louisiana Hot Sauce, which is also very yummy.

Both are similar, but better in flavor (IMO). Crystal is a bit milder...excellent on Red Beans and Rice.
Now Loiusiana Hot Sauce I can do. This is making me hungry.
I LOVE black beans and rice. Zatarain's used to make them and then they stopped. So now I have been eating their red beans and rice. They're OK but not as good as the black ones.
I actually went to the Tabasco factory in New Avery (think that is where it was). Pretty neat tour that they have!!!

In my house, I have to make two batches of everything. One for Billy who can't handle hot, spicy or spices and one for me!!!

I love going to get hot wings and they go to give him the 'three mile island' and instead those are for me while he has terryaki!!!
Thank you for your kind words today. I replied in greater length there.
By the way...

I once knew a guy who always put Tabasco in his coffee!
Good tip. I made some ham and beans with some tasteless ham a while back. I'll bet the sauce was all that was needed.
I love cajun cooking and especially red beans and rice. Never been a big fan of Tabasco but Louisiana Hot Sauce is really good. They make one called Louisiana Gold. If you can find it it is extremely good.
Give me a call next time Mrs Jim makes red beans and rice. You can't be more than a 14 -16 hour drive away.
Did someone say buffalo wings?
just stopping by to check in! sounds like you guys are doing just great.

my hubby loves cajun but i haven't taken time to find out what those secret spices are shame on me, eh?

have a wonderful and blessed day!

I have several creole/cajun recipes on my site if you're interested in cooking some. Jambalaya and Etouffee, for starters.

I keep meaning to post my Gumbo recipe and will eventually get around to doing it at some point.
My Mom started spicing up her dishes with hot sauce as she got older, sometimes to the dismay of the other diners. She was using a cheaper brand called Frank's which had an outrageous amount of sodium in it. Cholula is a good one with low sodium. It has a wooden top and the bottle can be used as a toothpick holder when you're done.

I like hot sauce on fried eggs.

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