Saturday, February 04, 2006

Corn Crib Sundae

When was the last time you had a Corn Crib Sundae? Maybe you've never even seen one.

When I was at the University of Nebraska, the Corn Crib Sundae was my favorite. The Corn Crib was the light eating place in the student union. At the west (other) end was a cafeteria.

The specialty dish of the eastern room was the Corn Crib Sundae. I make one of sorts at home some times, but they can't compete with the Corn Crib Sundae of old.

It all started with a large thick brownie, about three inches square. On top of that was a very large dip of vanilla ice cream, followed with a lavish amount of whipped cream and topped off with a maraschino cherry.

I ate at least two of these every week. Occasionally I would eat a meal there or in the cafeteria, but I was already paid up at the BSU [Baptist Student Union]. We had a boarding club with forty guys and a paid cook holding down the fort.

Once or twice a week each of us would do table setting, serving duty, dish washing, or cleanup. We could also do breakfast for a small extra amount, but mostly just the guys who lived in the rooms upstairs ate breakfast there.

I went there for a football game, Rice v. UN, in 2001, and it looked like this luxury was gone. I wonder when? Google wasn't much help here.

Yum..sounds like a great thing to eat while watching Steve Martin on SNL!
I hear the words Corn Crib Sundae, and I have memories of loading a wagon load of corn cobs after church.
Hi Jim -- My parents graduated from UN in 1943 and they always called a brownie sundae a "corn crib." My sister was wondering why -- both our parents are gone so we can't ask them now -- and then I found your blog. Thanks for the explanation!

Margaret Luebs

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