Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A day with GC#4
and Adi at the Millie Bush Bark Park
(link to the eight Houston area
bark parks and the five in planniing)

We started at seven in the morning. Mrs. Jim made coffee and we talked and had our granola bar. What was different yesterday was that we were still at Karen and Billy's at seven. Amber, Adi, and the neighbor Friend of GC4 would also be involved. This was a teacher 'work day' which meant a student 'play day.'

The girls soon woke up and were ready for breakfast. Their choices were fake biscuits (out of a can), French toast (out of the freezer), or GC#4 could cook some of her famous scrambled eggs. I was ready for the eggs, I think Mrs. Jim was too.

But the girls opted for fake biscuits. They were ok with coffee and strawberry preserves. No coffee for the girls, they had a half gallon of milk. I had actually been thinking eggs and biscuits, but I wasn't the boss this time.

After that, Friend had to go home. She had spent the night, but now homework and a sports game beckoned for her to go home.


GC#4 and Adi played for a while. GC#4 had been hinting for us all going to the bark park with Adi. Not just any doggie bark park, but the famous Millie Bush Bark Park. For pictures, go to http://www.houstondogpark.org/photos6.htm. That had to be done before lunch at the Sonic. Because in the afternoon we needed to go to the library.

It turned out that Adi did not like the bark park. Adi did not like to walk on the gravel paths. She preferred concrete sidewalks, none of which were around. Adi didn't like the grass there either, it wasn't soft like the golf course. And for sure nothing was lost in the mud pits.







Adi did like the paved protected side of the dog swimming pool. At places it was eight inches wide, in some it was 18. She did not not want to leave that concrete once she had found it.

Adi did not want to go swimming either. Not this dog. Hound dog she was, maybe wade, but it is not fitting for her to be swimming.
We couldn't find the Sonic so had to eat at McDonalds. GC#4 had a Coke, fries, and McNuggets. Mrs. Jim and I ate similarly, but with fewer fat calories.

We didn't make it to the library either. We all got tired and sleepy. GC#4 and Adi had naps, Mrs. Jim and I never got ours started.

Adi wakes from her nap for a photo op.

Adi is such a cutie. Sorry I haven't been adding any comments lately; been rather busy with nothing much to say.
Adi is cute. Looks like GC#4 had a good time. I'm surprised Adi didn't like the grass though.
Bark city. Nice post Jim.
Is that a nice way of saying Houston has gone to the dogs?
In part, it has. We still like it though.
We like it a lot better than Dallas; San Antonio is nice, but our kids are in this area.

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