Sunday, February 05, 2006


"I am sitting outside at 6 am. There was a fire and now we are all outside of the hotel. A lady loaned me her jacket as I did not think it was real and did not go back to my room after they said this is real and you must go. I am barefoot out here. -------------------------- Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld" (From Karen this morning.)

We got her call first because we hadn't read our early e-mail yet. Karen was alright, back in her room at the Calgary Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire. She is on the seventh floor, those on floors 10 or and up (a 15-story downtown hotel) couldn't go back because of damage.

Guess that is one of the dangers of Yuppie life.

This reminds of another time a long time ago. Karen was a teenager.
The call: "Dad, I'm sitting on the curb outside the FoodMart on Hwy 146 in Kemah (Texas). Please come get me."
Of course I said to sit tight, I was on my way.
Her not so nice friends (now she knew) were going to do some not so nice things that she wanted no part of.
All girls should have some mad money for times like those. She used a quarter of hers for the phone call.
Thanks again, Karen.
It's good to know there are still smart girls out there.

I'm glad she's okay.
Ohhh! Scary!

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