Sunday, February 05, 2006

My prediction:

Right now it is 3 to 0 in favor of Seatle. That should change.

I'm predicting Pittsburg 20 or 21 to Seatle 10. Narrow it down to 21 to 10, that will be it!

I think you're tops. You write about family so that your blog is sunny and grounded, but you don't write overly about family so that your blog isn't weighted down with sentimentalism. You have a knack for writing how you talk, a voice that all serious writers strive for. You travel widely and socialize considerably, so your blogs are well rounded, reflecting a multitude of interests and experiences. You're humor is off-the-wall, so you're writing retains a young,refreshing feel. And your "not politically correct" opinions lend spice.

I enjoy reading your blog.
Wow! your predictions are astounding.

We might have had a twelth man but they had thirteenth,fourteenth, fifteenth men in striped uniforms.

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