Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not a family member!!!
. Now
A couple (2) of answers

(maybe not trivia this time)

Who gets psyched up for the upcoming task by riding an exercise bicycle and watching Sex in the City videos? (No, not a sex maniac, at least I've not heard that about this character.)

(most people guessed # 2)

1. Excercise bike rider is no less than Winter Olympic Gold Medal Silver Medal winner, Sasha Cohen. Source: heard on the the February 23 ABC Good Morning America show.

2. You were right about my socks. I had the pretty side up, but those pretties were supposed to be non-slip stuff. I did dress my feet like that when I was getting into my hospital outfit. No, the gown didn't have three sleeves to help my rear view dignity.

I have all of the Sex in the City DVDs. We watch it on TBS even (repeats), but I have all of the words memorized - - practically!!
You weren't supposed to tell me that. I haven't watched even one!
What you were supposed to do was to guess who the celebrity is riding the bicycle.
Jim: I really enjoyed reading your blogs. You are doing so many neat things. You are a pleasure to help at the circulation desk at the library.

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